Love Nest

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Love Nest is a special pilot episode of the second season of Angry Birds On the Run, and the twenty-third episode of the series overall.


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YouTube description

Welcome to the Nest of Love, where these 5 love birds are looking for true love. Find out who will be a partner for life and who will fly south forever.


  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Matilda
  • Stella



Angry Birds On The Run Season 2 - Love Nest Special

Angry Birds On the Run
Season 2017
1. On The Other Side 2. Food Hunt 3. Baby's Shaky Ride 4. Eggs In Peril! 5. The Flock Get Reflective 6. Breaking and Entering 7. Click Bait 8. Skate Board Mission 9. The Stairs Challenge 10. Back Seat Buddies 11. Zapped Chuck 12. Brain Freeze 13. Fun Day at The Beach 14. Crying Sky 15. Red's Playtime! 16. Fashion Show 17. The Claw Machine 18. The Bird Cage 19. The Birds Set A Trap 20. The Pig Reveal 21. The Birds Get Angry 22. The Final Showdown Especial. Behind the Scenes Special
Season 2017
0. Love Nest 1. Here We Go Again! 2. Spirit of the Woods 3. Wake Up Chuck! 4. Bird Food 5. Birds On The Hunt 6. Tale of Betrayal 7. The World is Ours 8. Making Friends Isn't Easy 9. Fitness time! 10. Rewriting History 11. Dance Off! 12. Where's Chuck? 13. Birdle Royale 14. Flock Face Off 15. Let's Play a Game 16. A Christmas Rhyme
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