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Live Stream is an animated short film released to promote Angry Birds 2: The Movie, directed by John Rice. The short film starts out starring Silver, but then changes to starring the Chicks.


  • Silver
  • Red
  • Chicks
    • Will


Silver begins to record, as he begins to do a live broadcast, so he asks his audience if they listen to him, the audience begins to send him many positive messages. When Red arrives to greet Silver, he is surprised and excited about the live recording, but the audience asked that Red leave the broadcast area. Red is annoyed with the comments, so he throws them, but they, in a literal way, start attacking and chasing Red. So Silver is going to help him.

The camera changes and begins to record three Chicks, so they are surprised and approach the camera, where the audience sends tender comments, when the chicks see a box, they try to open it, without succeeding at first, two of the chicks leave the scene, while the remaining chick manages to open the box, having a cupcake inside, which eats it. When the other two chicks return, they see that he had eaten the cupcake, so they chase him. In that Silver returns, who in a very hasty way, ends the transmission.


Short Live Stream - The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)

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