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Martí Micolau
Leonard Mudbeard
  • Movie
  • Angry Birds 2

First apparition Angry Birds: The Movie
Power Mucus pumps
Gender Male
Size Great
Scope N/A

Leonard (Leonardo in Spain) or also known as Rey Barbalodo (in English King Mudbeard), and called by his friends as Giggles, is a character who lives on Pig Island, where he is the Monarch of the same during the events in the Angry Birds movies, being the father of the King Pig of the classic games. He appears in Angry Birds: The Movie, being the main antagonist, and in Angry Birds 2: The Movie, but as one of the protagonists along with the birds. In the original dubbing, he is voiced by Bill Hader.

The character appears in games like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds 2, as well as temporary appearances in Angry Birds Fight !, Friends, and POP !, and in one of the LEGO sets called King Pig 'Castle. These appearances were made to promote the first and second film of the same.

In the movie, Leonard along with Ross and the rest of his crew, discover Bird Island, in which they see an opportunity to steal the eggs from its inhabitants to cook them. Leonard appears friendly with the inhabitants of the Island, despite the fact that one of the birds, Red, saw bad intentions in him.

Finally, Leonard and his crew of pigs escape with the eggs to their island. The next day, the birds, led by Red, arrive in Pig City to retrieve their eggs. The birds end up rescuing the eggs, and destroying Pig City. So Leonard devises new plans to get revenge on the birds, starting a rivalry.

Some time later, during a long rivalry with the birds, Leonard discovers a giant ice ball, which was thrown by Eagle Island with the intention of destroying his island and that of the birds, so he decides to make a truce with Red and the rest of birds to stop Zeta. Together with Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver, Mighty Eagle, and Courtney they devise a plan to infiltrate their base, which ultimately ends with its destruction.


  • 1. Personal data
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 History
    • 4.1 Early life
    • 4.2 Expedition
      • 4.2.1 Theft of eggs
    • 4.3 Rivalry between Birds and Pigs
      • 4.3.1 Invasión a Pig City
      • 4.3.2 New plans
      • 4.3.3 Invading Bird Island
      • 4.3.4 Searching for a Porkini Mushroom
      • 4.3.5 Reading a secret diary
      • 4.3.6 Attacking the birds
      • 4.3.7 Prank War
    • 4.4 Truce
      • 4.4.1 Alliance between pigs and poultry
      • 4.4.2 Infiltrating Eagle Island
      • 4.4.3 Destruction of the Zeta Base
      • 4.4.4 Consequences
  • 5 Appearances
    • 5.1 Angry Birds: The Movie
    • 5.2 Angry Birds Fight!
    • 5.3 Angry Birds
    • 5.4 LEGO Angry Birds
    • 5.5 Angry Birds Seasons
    • 5.6 Angry Birds POP!
    • 5.7 Angry Birds Football
    • 5.8 Angry Birds Dice
    • 5.9 Bad Piggies
    • 5.10 Angry Birds 2: The Movie
    • 5.11 Angry Birds 2
    • 5.12 Angry Birds Friends
    • 5.13 The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure
    • 5.14 Angry Birds POP Blast
    • 5.15 Angry Birds Reloaded
  • 6
  • 7 Curiosities
    • 7.1 Confusion with the Pig King
  • 8

Data message

  • Name: Leonard
  • Nickname: King Mudbeard
  • Amigos: Ross, Courtney, Garry, other pigs, birds (Angry Birds 2)
  • Enemies: Red, Mighty Eagle, Zeta, all birds (formerly)
  • Family: Former Monarchs (ancestors), King Pig (son), Prince Porky (grandson) Father, Aunt Chloe (Mentioned) Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, King Chewy XIII (Ancestor), Queen Anne Consort Of France (Ancestor), King Richard Pig Of England (Ancestor), Prince John Pig (Ancestors), Tutanpigmon (Ancestors), Cave Pig (Ancestors), The King (Ancestors), Ancestral Pigs (Ancestors), El Porkado (Ancestors).


In the films, Leonard proves to be charming and charismatic, having confidence and a lot of enthusiasm, mainly when he arrives at Bird Island, making evident his introduction to the birds, but at the same time very controlling and narcissistic, as shown when Ross, being ashamed of this will ruin your entrance.

During the first movie, Leonard proved to be obsessed with eating eggs, having a dream being with one. After the destruction of Pig City by the birds, Leonard began to have a great rivalry against them. After Zeta's attack, Leonard had no choice but to create an alliance and "ene-friendship" with the birds, competing with Red for control of the team. It is believed that their rivalry returned some time later, teaching his son, King Pig, that he must steal the eggs of the birds, although he would possibly end up allying with the birds, as seen in Angry Birds 2.


The character, like the rest of the pigs, is green, but this one, unlike the others, is larger. He wears a dark green beard and thick eyebrows, and his ears point to the left, with the exception of when he is wearing his crown, just like the King Pig's crown in the Toons, his crown is taller and narrower as well. .

Within a portrait of Leonard in the Bad Piggies game, his appearance changes slightly, showing him a large gray and white beard, as well as his eyebrows which share the same color. He is seen wearing a red suit possibly with medals and a large red crown with gold dots.


Early life

Leonard during his childhood

"My father and my father's father, and my rare Aunt Chloe ... had always searched for the eggs. But only I ... King Barbalodo, found them."
~Leonard Mudbeard's speech during his coronation as the Pig King. [1]

Leonard Mudbeard was born on Pig Island at some distant point prior to embarking on his expedition to Bird Island. Being part of the monarchy on Pig Island, it is known that his father, grandfather, and other ancient ancestors sought to obtain the eggs, apparently without success. Eventually, Leonard would become the heir to the throne, and he would begin to embark on a hunt for the eggs, and at some point, the pig Ross would become one of Leonard's main assistants. [1]


Leonard introducing himself to the birds

During an expedition carried out by the Porkchop Express ship, Leonard travels together with his assistant Ross and the rest of a crew, on their journey they end up finding Bird Island, an island inhabited by birds, in which they see an objective, which is to try to achieve steal their eggs and cook them. After the pigs arrive on Bird Island, Leonard introduces himself as a friend of the birds, destroying Red's house by parking his boat. Which makes Red like pigs since they arrived. In that, Judge Picudo receives Leonard with great enthusiasm. [1]

Theft of the eggs

Leonard blindly apologizing for the birds.

Some time later, the pigs remain as guests on Bird Island, so Leonard and his assistants later hold a party for the birds for one night, where Leonard ends up introducing the Resortera to the island's inhabitants, using Red as a bird. of test when throwing it to the beach, but in that, Red discovers that in the boat, there were many more pigs hiding, which angers Judge Picudo, who thought that Red was annoying the guests. [1]

Leonard seeing an egg for the first time.

A day later, Judge Picudo organizes a tour for Leonard and the other pigs, at one point, he meets Red painting during an anger management class with Matilda, it is then that Red takes the opportunity to present paintings threatening him. At the same time, Leonard sees an egg, being the first time he has seen one in person, so he begins to imagine being with it in a fantasy. During the night, the pigs make a party for the birds, to distract them and take advantage of uploading all the birds' eggs to the ship and then escape with them to Pig Island, despite this, Red Chuck and Bomb discover the true intentions of Leonard, and although they tried to stop them, they failed, ending later with the flight of Leonard and his crew. [1]

Rivalry between Birds and Pigs

Invasión a Pig City

Coronation as a pig king

The next day the birds led by Red, decide to travel to Piggy Island to retrieve the eggs. During the same period of time, the pigs celebrated the theft of the eggs and the coronation of Leonard as the King of Piggy Island, giving a speech to all the pigs present, within the ceremony, pigs like Earl and Pig Chef participated, just as Pig City castle began to be decorated and set by Leonard. [1]

Leonard shortly after ordered that the eggs obtained be cooked, but with the arrival of the birds to Piggy Island, they begin to attack Pig City, Leonard seeing the situation, orders his troops to defend the city and face the attacks of the birds, while he tried to continue cooking the eggs. Finally, Red, Chuck and Bomb manage to infiltrate into Leonard's castle, while the rest of the birds recover the eggs destroying much of the castle and Pig City. [1]

Leonard trying to eat an egg

Despite all the destruction caused by the birds, Leonard manages to keep one of the eggs, after that Red goes to recover it and fights with it, causing them to fall into a dynamite vault, it is then that Leonard survives the fall, and Red is threatened when Leonard tries to eat the egg. Finally, Red would manage to recover the egg by igniting one of the TNT dynamites, exploding massively around him, and leaving the city of Pig City partially destroyed. [1]

New plans

Leonard and Ross in the midst of destruction

During Red's escape with the egg, it hatches and Jay, Jake and Jim are born, it is then that Leonard begins to create new plans to continue attacking the birds in revenge mode and to try to steal the eggs again, it is in that same moment, in which Ross decides to invite Leonard to dance with other pigs in the middle of the destruction. Eventually, the town of Pig City was quickly rebuilt by several of the pigs. [1] 506 days after the birds attacked Pig City to retrieve the eggs, King Leonard would continue to plan a revenge against the birds. [2]

Invading Bird Island

Leonard arriving at Bird Island.

During one night, the pigs travel again to Isla Pájaro by the same ship of the Porkchop Express, delivering letters to its inhabitants, and inviting them to participate in a casino. At that, Leonard comes out with some dice, so the birds decide to go to the casino inside the ship to play. In the match, Leonard rolls the dice by getting 12 points, winning and grabbing the coins obtained by the other birds, while laughing at them. At that, Red, Chuck and Bomb arrive, who decide to compete against Leonard by rolling the dice and earning 12 points. [3]

Search for a Porkini Mushroom

Leonard punishing the pigs.

Eventually, during the War between Birds and Pigs, the Professor Pig would order three pigs to obtain a Porkini Mushroom from a mine, so that it would then be given to Leonard to eat. After the three pigs managed to get the Mushroom, they gave it to Leonard while he was sitting on his throne, when the pig ate the Mushroom, he was angry to see that the three pigs were delayed in delivering it 1 minute late . Leonard ended up punishing the pigs with a month without them receiving desserts. The pigs wept in anguish as Leonard withdrew. [4]

Reading a secret diary

Leonard and other pigs suspecting the Farmer Pig.

At some later point, a bird would present Hal a secret diary that he had, but they would accidentally lose it as a result of the wind, finally this diary would fall on Pig Island, where a farmer pig would find it and take it to King Pig's Castle, where it would be delivered to Leonard along with the Mustache Pig and other pigs. It is then that Leonard and the other pigs would begin to read the stories told by the birds, so that they finally saw a note that mentioned having a pig that worked as an ally for the birds in secret, and was hidden living among the pigs on Pig Island. . This would cause Leonard and the other pigs to become suspicious of the Farmer Pig, who would later be sent to prison. [5]

Attacking the birds

Leonard and the pigs being defeated by the birds.

During Terence and Matilda's wedding, Leonard would infiltrate the cake along with the Pig Chef and another pig, when destroyed, they would come out laughing and alerting the birds and interrupting the ceremony. A short time later, the birds would face two pigs, while Leonard and another pig escaped with the eggs, later Bomb would explode on top of Leonard, Chef Pig and a Common Pig, recovering the eggs, so Red and Chuck celebrated. When Bomb, Red, and Chuck were spying on Piggy Town from a tree in the distance, Leonard and two other pigs would cut the branch off the tree with a sledgehammer, but causing the birds to fall on top of them. [6]

Leonard and the Pig Chef mistaking eggs for fireworks.

Later, when Red, Chuck, and Bomb infiltrated into King Pig's Castle, they accidentally collided with a spoon, causing Leonard and Pig Chef to discover them and be harnessed. Then, the pigs would grab the nest with oval explosives thinking that they were the eggs, when they were introduced into the Chef Pig's soup, they would make an eruption, causing the destruction of Leonard's Castle, along with the liberation of the birds and the launch of fireworks. [6]

Prank War

Leonard and Courtney attacking the beaches of Isla Pajaro

Later, King Leonard and the pigs continue to attack Bird Island, in order to steal the eggs along with their new accomplice Courtney. Leonard started a prank war with Red, where they both made practical jokes, starting with the pigs led by Leonard, who throw cake at a duck, so Red, Chuck and Bomb fight back by throwing a bottle of hot sauce, which hit Bubba, Leonard then attacked with a magnifying glass, which exploded the Mime's balloons, so the birds attack creating a tsunami to Pig Island, then the pigs end up taking hot air balloons full of crabs to Bird Island. [7]


Alliance between pigs and birds

Leonard junto con Courtney

When Leonard sees a giant ice ball fall on Pig Island, he discovers that it was thrown by a third Island, Eagle Island. So Leonard decides to ally himself with the birds so that they help them defeat Zeta, the leader of Isla Águila, who wanted to destroy both Pig Island and Bird Island, for this, Leonard visits Red's house, to try to negotiate with Red. , although at the beginning he refuses, thinking that it was another of his jokes, he finally joins. Red and Leonard begin by recruiting Bomb, then Chuck, Silver, Mighty Eagle, and Courtney. [7]

Leonard and Red planning the mission.

While in the cave of Mighty Eagle, Leonard and Red plan to infiltrate the Zeta Base, reaching him through a submarine created by the pigs, but during planning, they are attacked by the same fireballs, launched from the base, which forces them to escape. Finally the mission is carried out, during the submarine trip, Leonard joins Garry to the mission. [7]

Infiltrating Eagle Island

Infiltrating into the Zeta Base.

Upon arrival, Mighty Eagle repents and decides to fly back to Bird Island. So Leonard and the others plan to enter the base using an eagle disguise, called Harvey, in which everyone had to enter him, but Red and Silver refuse and separate from the group. To enter the laboratory where the fireballs were created, they needed an access card, so they end up knocking out Brad Eagleburger, removing his card. [7]

Destruction of the Zeta Base

Mission inside the base.

After entering the suit, the eagles create a dance battle with Harvey. Then, all the protagonists meet, devising a plan to stop the ice balls, which were about to be launched. Leonard, along with Courtney and Garry put on skating outfits, as they had to press a lever to prevent ice balls from being further prepared. Finally, with the help of the birds, the chicks, and Mighty Eagle, who returned to speak and apologize to Zeta, the base explodes. After the explosion, that Powerful Eagle saved his daughter Debbie, Zeta ended up bonding with him again, which ends with a wedding on Bird Island, where Leonard and the other birds and pigs attend. [7]


Leonard and his friends inviting Red to the movies.

Eventually, Leonard and the other pigs strengthened their alliances and friendships with birds and eagles, where some pigs and eagles moved to Bird Island, as well as it is believed that some birds may have visited Pig Island. Shortly after the events, Leonard, along with Courtney, Chuck, Bomb, and Silver, bought tickets and invited a very frustrated Red to see a movie at the Bird Village theater. [8] At some point, Leonard would help the Red Flock to face the onslaught of the alien invasion. [9]


Angry Birds: The Movie

Leonard appears in Angry Birds: The Movie, being the main antagonist of it and his first appearance in Angry Birds. In the film it can be seen that he is the king on Pig Island, who travels to Bird Island with the desire to steal the eggs of its inhabitants, to cook and eat them on his island.

To achieve his plan, Leonard presents himself as a friend of the birds, despite the fact that Red did not trust him much, in addition to seeing bad intentions in him. During one night, Leonard ends up stealing the eggs with the help of his crew. The next day, the birds take revenge on Leonard, attacking Pig City and retrieving his eggs. Starting a rivalry between birds and pigs.

Angry Birds Fight!

Leonard temporarily appeared in Angry Birds Fight !, playing a role as a Monster Pig during the Angry Birds: The Movie event. In the game, this pig had three different versions, the Normal (1500 HP), Happy (4250 HP) and Awesome (4250) version. Depending on the health of the bird ship, as well as the defense and attack impulse, this enemy could be defeated, just like the rest of Pig Monsters.

Angry Birds

Leonard appears in the classic Angry Birds game, in the episode Bird Island, which was added to promote the first movie. Appears as enemy and boss, in the final level of the episode, inside the same ship seen in the movie.

It has an identical appearance to the King Pig, but it is known that it is Leonard and not a variation, since he has his own sprites within the game.

LEGO Angry Birds

Leonard appears in two LEGO Angry Birds sets, released in April 2016 to promote Angry Birds: The Movie, featuring two versions in each set.

In Piggy Pirate Ship he appears with a normal version, similar to the version seen during the beginning of the film, in King Pig's Castle he has the monarch version, with a crown and a royal cape.

Angry Birds Seasons

It appears in Angry Birds Seasons, in a level of Pig Days, called Pigs Arrive !, inside the same ship seen in the film. It is a Large Pig, which has a baraca added, so the strength and resistance is the same, medium range. He also appears occasionally in some levels of the Piggywood Studios episode, but with stronger durability, such as that of King Pig.

Angry Birds POP!

He temporarily appeared in Angry Birds POP !, during the Wanted Pigs event, where Leonard was named as Hams Gruber.

Hams Gruber, along with the pigs Billy the Piglet and Mad Hog McCree, replaced the normal pigs in the game, and to whom they gave rewards for defeating them.

Angry Birds Football

Leonard appears in Angry Birds Football, as a secondary character and without much relevance, he only appears as the commentator pig in the games of the game, where he is named only as the Pig King.

Angry Birds Dice

The pig Leonard appears in the video game Angry Birds Dice, where, like Ross, he appears as a playable character, which must be unlocked in order to be used by the player.

Bad Piggies

A portrait of Leonard Mudbeard as the father of King Smooth Cheeks, appears in the Bad Piggies video game within the special Dessert Mode, this game mode also features an image of King Pig's Mother next to King Leonard's. In this portrait, Leonard is seen with a different appearance than his other appearances, having a white beard and a larger crown, this same portrait would also appear in the Angry Birds Toons series.

Angry Birds 2: The Movie

Leonard appears in Angry Birds 2: The Movie, but this time, being a protagonist and friend of the birds, since he must join them to defeat Zeta, who planned to destroy the islands. In the film it is seen that after the events of the first film, the birds and birds are in constant rivalry.

But when Leonard discovers that Zeta wants to destroy Pig Island and Bird Island, he must ally himself with the birds, devising a plan and infiltrating Zeta's base to stop the eagles, which then ends with the explosion of the base by birds and pigs.

Angry Birds 2

Leonard appears in Angry Birds 2 as an "extra bird" of the game (Like Stella, Bubbles and Hal), being added during the promotion of Angry Birds 2: The movie.

Currently Leonard can be unlocked by using one of the four extra keys in the game, which can be obtained in the levels. During his event, Leonard could be earned after playing 6 days, collecting 60,000 snotty feathers.

Leonard's ability

His ability is to be able to spit and throw snot bombs three different times, by touching the game screen. When he throws a snot, Leonard is pushed in opposite directions, to be able to throw another two snot, which also push him. If a mucus collides with a structure, enemy, or other object, it will be covered with the snotty liquid, causing it to slip and be destroyed. If Leonard collides with an object, enemy, or someone else, it will be covered in the same snotty liquid, and Leonard will disappear, fulfilling a function as an extra mucus bomb.

Angry Birds Friends

He temporarily appeared in Angry Birds Friends, as an enemy and boss in the Prank Wars tournament, to promote the second movie, being a difficult boss to defeat, but at the same time he did not need to be defeated to advance to the next levels of the tournament.

He occasionally appears with a crown, and with binoculars, as well as looking more similar to King Pig in Angry Birds Toons. This version of Leonard as an enemy does not have any animation in the levels, having a still expression on his face.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure

He appears in Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure as a controllable character, as do Ross, Chuck, and Red.

The player sitting in the virtual reality helmet has the role of Captain Leonard, who must control the submarine and collect treasures in the ocean.

Angry Birds POP Blast

Leonard appears in Angry Birds POP Blast, as a playable character in the levels, he is also seen in the loading screens, along with Red, the Chicks and the Piglets.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Leonard, like Garry and Courtney, appears in Angry Birds Reloaded as a playable pig in some levels, having the ability to launch an explosive ball of mucus while being propelled backwards, similar to his ability in Angry Birds 2, but with a difference. that you can only take a shot once, you will not have the power to turn into snot on impact.

Ver: Leonard/


  • At the end of Angry Birds: The Movie (credits) he said, "Leonard doesn't dance. He's hatching a new plan (devilish laugh)," a reference to the prank war and rivalry at the beginning of Angry Birds 2: The Movie.
  • Leonard was the second pig to have a name, the first being Little Timmy.
  • Leonard's design is similar to that of the Roman Emperor Caracalla, this confirmed by Francesca R. Natalie, character designer for the film, who had Italian heritage.

Confusion with the Pig King

Revelation that they are different pigs

King Pig and Leonard have been confused believing they are the same pig, but in an Angry Birds book called The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, we are told that King Pig's name was King Smoothcheeks, and he was his son. King Mudbeard, being the name of Leonard that is revealed to us in the film.

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