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Kite (Cometa) is the eighth episode of Angry Birds Blues


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Description of Toons

A missing stick won't stop the Blues from flying their kite. After trying various things, they discover the best part of all. Up up! And far!


The Blues receive a kite from Mighty Eagle Delivery. They are very eager to fly. However, they keep trying but fail. Eventually, they see Vincent trying to do kung fu. They come up with an idea for him to be tied on the kite. It works perfectly fine! Or maybe too good ... and they lost their kite string.


  • Jay, Jake y Jim
  • Vincent
  • Mighty Eagle (comet)


Angry Birds Blues Kite - S1 Ep8

Angry Birds Blues
Season 2017
1. Mighty Delivery 2. Whistle 3. Camp Out 4. Flight Club 5. Hatch Off 6. Bust a Move 7. Trap-A-Geddon 8. Kite 9. Sticky Feathers 10. Three-Ring Circus 11. Sprung Out 12. The Cutest Weapon 13. On Target 14. First Love 15. Knights of The BBQ 16. Joy Ride 17. Parkour 18. Make It or Break It 19. Trampoline Rescue 20. Picnic Bandit 21. The Last Strawberry 22. Little Big Heroes 23. The Bad and the Blues 24. Triple Time-Out 25. Hypno Daze 26. Trick Shot 27. All Feathers on Deck 28. Build-A-Blue 29. The Hatchonaut 30. The Last Act
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