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This page talks about Angry Birds character, maybe you are looking for Leonard, the King Pig from the movie, or the King Pig game mode.

For gameplay see King Pig (Level)

Quote: '' His royal immensity, Smooth Cheeks, King of all pigs, Ruler of all from table to trough ''

King Pig
  • Classic
  • 1st design Toons
  • 2st design Toons

First apparition Poached Eggs 3-21
Power Pilot ships (Space)
Gender Male
Size Great
Scope None

El King Pig (King Pig in English, or King Smooth Cheecks) is the main antagonist and villain of the Angry Birds game series, and serves as the leader of the Bad Piggies. His grand scheme is that he is using his minions to capture the three unhatched eggs of the birds to eat. It is revealed that his stash is always empty, although his subjects believe that the stash is always full of eggs. While he is successful on most occasions, the birds are capable of destroying his army and retrieving the eggs, severely injuring the Pig King, though he never abandons and always recovers in some way.


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  • 2 Appearance
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    • 2.2 Appearance of Toons and new and recent animations and games.
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  • 5 Confusión with Leonard
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Data message

  • Name: Smooth Cheeks
  • Nickname: Pig king
  • Amigos: Mustache Pig, Cape Pig, Chef Pig, Prince Porky (Son), common pigs (subjects), all pigs.
  • Enemies: Red, Chuck, Bomb, the blues, Matilda, Terence, Bubbles, Hal, Stella, Icebird, all the Birds.
  • Family: Leonard Mudbeard (Father), Mother, Prince Porky (Son), Grandfather, Grandmother, Great-grandfather, Unnamed Great-grandmother, Chloe (Great-Aunt), Former Monarchs (Ancestors), King Chewy XIII (Ancestor), Queen Anne Consort Of France (Ancestor) ), King Richard Pig Of England (Ancestor), Prince John Pig (Ancestor), Tutanpigmon (Ancestors), Cave Pig (Ancestors), The King (Ancestors), Ancestral Pigs (Ancestors), El Porkado (Ancestors).


Appearance of the game

It is a pig with the appearance of all pigs and much younger than a normal Pig but with a yellow crown that stands out from the other pigs. He is very big, even bigger than the Mustache Pig. It has a large snout and is different from a normal pig and with 4 protruding teeth from its mouth.

Appearance of Toons and new and recent animations and games.

He is shaped more like the Mustache Pig. Its crown is taller and narrower. He has moles (not previously) and wrinkles on his face and in his mouth there are fewer teeth (sometimes they may add more or less but almost always there are two on the top and two on the bottom).


He decides to steal the eggs for the first time and start cooking them (in Poached Eggs), although the birds defeated the King, but he did not give up. This time, after stealing them, he distracted the birds with cardboard cutouts of himself and the eggs (in Mighty Hoax) but it was another failure. Then he stole them by flying with balloons (in Danger Above) but it was another failure. He stole them (in The Big Setup), this time catching the whole flock, but when he sees Terence outside, the birds end up triumphing (as Terence would save the birds and rescue the eggs). He then sent his minions into the desert (at Ham 'Em High), where he is defeated by the birds again. Later, he and the rest of the pigs, dug an underground tunnel to snatch the eggs and hide in a cave (in Mine and Dine) but the birds recovered them again.

He then took the eggs again and hid them in a cake (at Birdday Party). Obviously, it failed again. Take the pigs and lay the eggs in their skin in the episode Bad Piggies. It fails again but the Clockwork Pig decided to create more pieces for the defense of the birds. Inadvertently, the Mighty Eagle drops powerful feathers through Red. It fails and the Mechanic makes a laboratory to hide the eggs. Accidentally, they broke the core of an unfinished potion, for Bomb to get into it and get electrocution power. Bomb manages to destroy the laboratory with the eggs in the feathers. He invaded Bird Island (to celebrate the film's release) but the birds defeated him again. He creates a farm but the birds defeated him again. He traveled to the Mesozoic era with the other pigs but the birds again managed to retrieve the eggs.

The Pig King has also tried to steal the eggs at celebrations and parties throughout the year and in outer space.

King Pig in Angry Birds POP!


  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Rio (globe only)
  • Angry Birds Space
  • Angry Birds Toons
  • Angry Birds Star Wars (como Darth Sidious)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II (como Darth Sidious)
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Epic
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Angry Birds POP!

Revelation that they are different pigs

Confusión with Leonard

King Pig and Leonard have been confused believing they are the same pig, but in an Angry Birds book called The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, we are told that King Pig's name was King Smoothcheeks, and he was his son. King Mudbeard, being the name of Leonard that is revealed to us in the film.


  • In Angry Birds Space he built a space vehicle, a UFO and a submarine.
  • He is the leader of all the pigs on Piggy Island.
  • He is the ruler of Pig City.
  • He's the toughest and strongest pig in the game (only Fat Pig in Angry Birds Space is tougher).
  • En Angry Birds Star Wars es Darth Sidious.
  • Instead of having his crown in the center of his ears, his ears are on one side of his head and the crown on the other side.
  • In the animations he is very fat and wrinkled.
  • The King is jealous of the crown of the Yellow Freddie Bird.
  • It only appears 5 times in Angry Birds Space.
  • In Angry Birds Seasons, the Go Green episode, Get Lucky is the first episode to use the chrome designs of the Bad Piggies in cut scenes, including Google Pig King.
  • In Angry Birds Space, King Pig now supports the Final Bosses idea which is similar to the same Angry Birds Rio setup, where Mauro, the leader of the marmosets appears at level 8-15 and 14-15 with a Battle Boss and Nigel, appears at levels 4-15 and 12-15. 
  • The three big battles in which they even look like the most Angry Birds Space King upgrades pig stars as far as is at level 1-30 as a UFO tank, as a UFO spaceship at level 2-30, and in a submarine At level 6 - 30, while in other Angry Birds games you are in a fortress that looks like a castle along with the other Bad Piggies that surround the fortress.
  • For some reason, in Golden Egg number 13 and Eggsteroid number 7, there are four king pigs. King pigs are most likely imposters or cardboard cutouts.
  • For whatever reason, the Cardboard Pig King (Mighty Hoax level 4-21) can move around and do things like laugh, smile, and blink. However, the Pig King may have designed it this way to heighten the illusion that it was real. It is also possible that the Pig King placed the cardboard cutout and escaped shortly before his defeat.
  • The King Pig is the pig that has two ears on one side, rather than one on either side of its head. It may be due to the crown he is wearing. In the Angry Birds Space cut scenes, all the pigs share this trait due to their redesign. They appear ALMOST him as in the instructions. They also appear on Facebook.
  • The King Pig is not the only pig that has two ears on one side. Pig Chef also has two ears on one side as well, so King Pig and Pig Chef seem to share this trait.
  • Before the Chrome version, when almost defeated, the Pig King seems to look angrily.
  • In 4 board games Angry Birds, Knock of Wood, On Thin Ice, Catapult Deluxe Set, and spring is in the air, the King has no crown.
  • In Mine and Dine, he appears on the final level of each world. In Mighty Hoax, if his cardboard cutout is considered real, he appears in the final level of both worlds.
  • After the Birdday Party update, all the pigs were upgraded to the new version until the king. But in Mighty Hoax, the king's cardboard cutout is still from the old design.
  • Pig King does not appear in Angry Birds Space for the planet Cold Cuts, until Pig Dipper, who appears in the boss fight.
  • In animations like Ham 'O' Ween, Year of the Dragon, Angry Birds Facebook (Friends) trailers and the Angry Birds Trilogy scenes, the King Pig is round and in Where's my crown? his crown is more different than in the game. He wears a slightly different and shorter crown in the Year of the Dragon. But in the Angry Birds Join Freddie for a Day animation, the Bad Piggies trailers and Angry Birds Toons, the King Pig's body was slightly altered in shape, looking a bit like the pig's mustache. He also receives a very different mouth. He also has spots on his head in Angry Birds Toons in certain episodes like "Trojan Egg".
  • King Pig had 2 animation voice actors, as in the Bad Piggies trailer, he had a somewhat deep voice. In Angry Birds Toons, he has a higher voice than the trailer. This may be true, because Antti Pääkkönen (The Pig King's current voice agent) was not credited for the Bad Piggies trailer.
  • In Angry Birds Toons (episode 2), the other Bad Piggies appear to be unable to identify him as the Pig King when he lost his crown, despite his unusual shape.
  • In some of the Angry Birds ending cutscenes, his crown falls, excluding Danger Above and The Big Setup from Angry Birds, and Pig Bang and Pig Dipper in Angry Birds Space ending cutscenes. In real life, if a person is hit with a crown, they will fall off. But in the game, it is not like that. But yes in most of the final scenes.
  • Cape Pig, Taskmaster Pig, and Chef Pig act more of the antagonists in King Pig's Angry Birds Toons except in Slinghot 101.
  • In Angry Birds Space he built 4 machines.
  • In Angry Birds Go! He is the boss of the second circuit of the second episode and his ability is to start flying with balloons and take advantage of his rivals from above. The only disadvantage is that it is automatic and you run the risk of hitting a wall.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, during the first episodes of Season One, the King Pig's design was different, as it did not have any moles.
  • In Angry Birds 2, mistakenly, if a bird causes its crown to fall, two (2) will fall together. Obviously a Rovio mistake.
  • He in Angry Birds POP! replaced Gale.

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