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King of the castle It is episode 34 of the first season of Angry Birds Toons and of the entire series in general.


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Description of Toons

Chef Pig and King Pig take part in a crazy sand castle competition. Who will win?


On a sunny day at the beach, some pigs enjoy the day playing with a beach ball, a pig accidentally hit King Pig with the ball, but he does not realize it. The Pig King is making a little sand castle, but half of it falls apart, although still, he is proud of his work. But when he sees the cook cook he also makes a sand castle with some shells and decorations around it, he gets envious and easily angered that the little pigs are impressed with his nice sand castle. The two pigs who help King Pig are also impressed with the Chef's castle. The King beats two pigs to help him make another sand castle which is better. It's prettier than the one Chef made, but Chef Pig quickly makes another bigger and better sandcastle, and more piggies are still impressed by his new castle. The King orders his assistants not to contemplate the Chef's castle. Then the pigs put on construction helmets and one of them blows a whistle and a guide for the direction of another little pig who controls a crane. Quickly, they build the new castle of King Pig. The appearance of his sand castle remains the same, so King Pig taunts the chef by making a face at him, while Chef Pig is lounging in a folded chair with a coconut drink, enjoying the beach. The King continues laughing, but in that he sees his castle, which surprises him, since the Chef managed to make a sand castle the size of the King Pig's royal castle. And again, the other little pigs are impressed with Chef Pig's castle. So they think of another way to improve the King's sand castle to make it bigger, better, stronger and more enjoyable. They put on sunglasses and call out bulldozers, cranes and other vehicles, and more pigs. They plan, design, and build a palace-like sand castle, until sunset. After they finish, the sand castle is revealed to be much bigger and better than King Pig's royal castle, with a dining room, a sand throne, and even a statue of him eating the Eggs. Pig Chef sees the huge sand castle and is upset that it has outgrown his own. Then he is surprised that the tide is rising too high, causing the destruction and complete demolition of King Pig's sand palace. The King and Chef Pig manage to climb onto an inflatable bed and end up partially stuck in the sea during sunset. When King Pig sees his sand palace in ruins, he is first annoyed, but then notices that his sand bucket has a fish in it, but Chef Pig uses a net to catch a bigger fish. Their fish is bigger than that of the King Pig, so they start catching fish, in the form of a fishing contest.


  • King Pig
  • Pig Chef
  • Little pigs


  • The coconut drink that Chef Pig drinks resembles the drink that Red has in the episode Off Duty when he is on vacation at the beach.
  • When the giant sand castle of the King is washed away by the tide, King Pig begins to cry, but no tears come to him.
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