Jay, Jake y Jim

Who I am
Valery Aloyants
Jay, Jake y Jim
  • Classic
  • Toons
  • Movie

First apparition Poached Eggs 1-10 (Angry Birds)
Power Split into three
Gender Men
Size Small
Scope Short

Jay, Jake y Jim (also known as the Blue Birds or The Blues) are one of the birds that appear in the Angry Birds saga. Blues have the special ability to separate, when the screen is clicked or touched, their specialty is breaking the ice easily. Without his ability, he is weak and can barely deal any damage. This bird has an enormous ability to break ice. It has proven to be weaker than other birds, since it can only break glass or ice.


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Blues are small birds, round in shape and blue plumage. They have the same head feathers as Red, and two black tail feathers. They also have orange eyelids.


Data message

The Blues - Jay, Jake and Jim

  • Name: Jay, Jake, and Jim (The Blues).
  • Known Nicknames: Blue Bird (s), Lightning Birds (from Angry Birds Space), Duplicate Birds.
  • Affiliate Groups: The Flock, The Flock in space.
  • Family: Between them (brothers)
  • Best friends: Entre ellos, Bubbles, Red, Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Stella.
  • Enemies: King Pig, Foreman Pig, Cape Pig, Chef Pig, Common Pigs


The Blues, unlike the others, are shocked when it comes to the theft of eggs or smuggled birds. They are daring and curious as they often get into trouble and cause damage, causing the Flock to intervene. This is mainly seen in Angry Birds Toons and in the Comics. On the Angry Birds page, it was also mentioned that what they like the most is making jokes and also a bit of madness, in short, having fun like every child. And the least they like is doing boring activities, following boring rules, and listening to Red.

They are the youngest members of La Bandada. Being children, the other birds make them eat vegetables, or learn about responsibility, mainly with Matilda and Red, instead, they have fun with Bomb. Unlike the other birds, they are fond of the Mighty Eagle and visit it frequently, according to the comics.


In the Angry Birds Universe

Little is known about the history of the Blues prior to the events of the first Angry Birds game. Red, Chuck, the Blues (only one shown), Bomb and Matilda were the first to discover that the eggs were missing. In the course of battles with the pigs, they have traveled to many different places and environments, including the desert, underground caves, and the beaches. The pigs never rest in their quest to steal the eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions. In one case, the pigs captured the entire Flock, including the Blues. It was through the actions of Terence and Hal that the Flock was freed.

At an undetermined time afterward, the Flock was captured as rare birds and flown to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they clashed with Blu, Perla, and their friends against Nigel the cockatoo and Mauro and their marmoset monkeys.

In the real universe

In the Angry Birds introductory short film, The Blues have a different face including eyebrows unlike today's games and media.

The first appearance of the blues was in 2008 in a sketch.

Powers and abilities

En Angry Birds Clásico, AB Seasons, AB Rio, AB Space, AB Friends, Angry Birds 2, AB Star Wars 1 y 2.

In these games he has the ability to throw himself together in the slingshot, to separate during the flight, being significantly powerful to destroy glass but very poor in the rest of the materials.


  • Zoom in on the Blues near glass or ice. Before they make contact, divide them to cause further destruction.
  • If you use the Blues on the wood, they will manage to break some of it, even if you have already separated them.
  • Avoid using the Blues on the stone. They are useless in it. However, they can turn stone on hit, but they are not worth using on stone.
  • It takes two hits from the Blues to detonate a TNT if it went to a block, and then to TNT. But if the bird is flying directly into the TNT, it will explode immediately.
  • They are particularly useful in levels with structures with balloons, send them to them and it will unbalance the fortress.

En Angry Birds Go!

Here you can activate the turbo on your vehicle three times, referencing its power in other installments. The vehicle used by them is an all-terrain vehicle with three wheels per side, referring to the fact that there are three of them.

En Angry Birds Epic

See: Angry Birds Epic Characters

En Angry Birds Match 3

En Angry Birds POP!

In Angry Birds POP! his Triple Pop special power (previously called Triple Threat) is to throw three explosive bubbles instead of one, referencing his power in other installments.

En Angry Birds Match 3

They in Angry Birds Match 3 are Chicks who put together a party on the beach to which you have to help invite other chicks. Jay and Jake are unlockable by starting the game, but Jim is unlockable by winning level 2.


Lightning Birds (alias de los Blues en Angry Birds Space)

Currently, the Blues have the following variants:

  • "Lightning Birds": In Angry Birds Space, they wear an orange mask with two yellow rays on the sides, plus their head and tail feathers are now visible.
  • Rebel Pilots: In Angry Birds Star Wars, they have a Rebel pilot helmet.
  • Jedi Initiates: In Angry Birds Star Wars II, they wear a brown robe, as well as braided blond hair, as well as a kind of white helmet.
  • Bluestreak: In Angry Birds Transformers, the Blues are Bluestreak. Like the rest of the characters, it is a vehicle. Like the original, he is gray, with several red parts and his whole body like him. It has its energon form and its alternate vehicle form.
  • Pilotos Rebeldes, de Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Iniciados Jedi, de Angry Birds Star Wars II


  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Bad Piggies (only in a few scenes)
  • Angry Birds Toons
  • Angry Birds Star Wars (as Rebel Pilots)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II (as Jedi Initiates)
  • Angry Birds Transformers (como Bluestreak, Prowl y Smokescreen)
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Epic
  • Angry Birds Fight!
  • Angry Birds POP!
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Angry Birds: The Movie
  • Angry Birds Blast!
  • Angry Birds Blues
  • Angry Birds 2: The Movie
  • Angry Birds Match 3


  • In some of the Angry Birds trailers, it looks different from those that originally came out in other promotions during 2011.
  • It is the only bird that when it does its power shows its corpse in Angry Birds.
  • Blues are among the youngest of the birds, with Bubbles and Luca (from Angry Birds Stella) being younger than them.
  • In the short film Wreck The Halls Short Movie, the Blues cried.
  • In Angry Birds Space, he resembles The Flash (DC comics character)
  • Blues are the only birds that do not have eyebrows. (Except in early movie trailers, but they can look angry).
  • Your eyelids seem to change color in different media. In the games, when he blinks, his eyelids are blue but in their original state they are orange and in several of the animation shorts and in Toons, his eyelids are orange.
  • In Angry Birds Toons the Blues have a theme song, which can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLVvbtZ5ukY.

    The blues in the movie originally

  • Blues are very naughty in Toons.
  • In Angry Birds Star Wars they are part of the Jedi.
  • On the Angry Birds page, it was mentioned that what they like the most is making pranks and also a little crazy, what they like least is doing boring activities, following boring rules and listening to Red.
  • They are, along with Bubbles, the youngest birds in the flock.
  • In Angry Birds Go! if you finally beat them in their scene you will see the car they use.

    The Blues playing with Bomb

  • They adore Bomb when he explodes or does tricks, this is demonstrated in the Angry Birds Toons episode Shrub It In.
  • In Angry Birds Go !, their vehicles have six wheels (three on each side) which refers to them that there are three.
  • Jay, Jake and Jim in the movie are saved by Red while they were still in the egg as Leonard tried to eat them.
  • They have their own series on Toons.TV called Angry Birds Blues.
  • Jay is the oldest of his brothers, Jake is the middle and Jim is the youngest.

Curiosities in the film

  • Jim is the brown-eyed chick, Jay has green eyes, and Jake has blue eyes.

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