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Lluís Enric Mayans

Jaakko Lisalo en la "Game Design Expo 2011"

Jaakko Lisalo is the current creative director of Rovio Entertainment and creator of the game Angry Birds (along with Markus Tuppurainen and Peter Urbanics).


I study at the University of Helsinki, initially oriented towards music and graphic design. Shortly after he arrived at Rovio at a serious time, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy and it wanted to publish one last game under the criteria "simple, simple and fun". After developing some initial drawings, the idea was developed in almost 4 months (less than usual time).

Following the resounding success of Angry Birds, he and his colleagues continued to work for Rovio on Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio, eventually rising to the position of Creative Director, being responsible for the franchise's current path.


  • The Developer Birds were based on Jaakko, Markus, and Peter. Initial developers of the first game.
  • Most of Jaakko's life remains anonymous, with specific exceptions such as commercials and short interviews.
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