Hammer Bird

Who I am
Pau Monfort


Bird photo

Bird it's a bird from ~ AngryWhiteBird. His beak turned into a hammer from eating a hammer

His story

  • This is Milo that's his name
  • His halloween werewolf costume
  • Milo en angry birds space

Milo was walking around the island and then I heard something strange it sounded like blows Milo: I haven't heard blows like this since 1957 he goes and sees the birds beating the pigs for (obviously) stealing their eggs Red (to the eggs): oooy those little pigs bad guys stole them again little ones Milo: that must be crazy Milo returned home and then saw a hammer with a paper that says eat me Milo: I can't eat a hammer Pig # 1: it's not a hammer eeees .... Pig # 2 (interrupting the other pig): gelatin cut with a life-size mold of a hammer and before you ask about the colors it is edible coloring and if it is solid for any reason it dried Milo: well he ate it and then he felt pain He fell asleep on his stomach 13 and a half minutes later he woke up in the first 13 his powers were formed Milo: I believed those pigs and that's why I can't stand the stomach pain I'm a stupid stupid stupid he began to hit the table and saw that Milo broke it: it's as if my beak got trans formed in ... a hammer went with the birds and saw them with the slingshot and the pigs with their structures. Milo: Hey, birds, I can help you Red: yes, but do you have any special power? Milo: if my beak is like a hammer Red: well try it Milo: yes but do not explain to me about the slingshot I have seen them several times Red: well Milo threw himself and used his beak to destroy everything Red: your power is great join the group if you want Milo: yes if I want:) END



Eyebrow color: black

White stomach: no

Physical characteristics: not only does he use his beak to destroy structures, he also builds toys for the blues maiky bubbles and willy is very big more than terence say that at least like half inflated bubles 

Psychological characteristics: for almost all his hobbies he uses his beak he likes things he built by his beak

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