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First apparition Danger Above 6-5 (Angry Birds)
Power Regressive spin like a boomerang
Gender Male
Size Great
Scope Long

Hal (also known as Green Bird or Boomerang Bird) is one of the different birds used in Angry Birds. It has a very long beak that it uses to make a boomerang effect.

When it opens its beak, it manages to obtain its boomerang shape to be able to return backwards, destroying places that are protected and difficult to reach (even impossible for a normal bird to reach). It can also be thrown to the left to use its power and get a stronger throw as it spins.

His description in the figurine album goes like this:

"Green Bird, This summer-loving bird, has a boomerang effect. With its giant beak it attacks targets from the rear, taking everyone by surprise."


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Hal is circular in shape, with green plumage, except for the belly, which is white. Its eyebrows are black, it has three black feathers on its head, and it has a messy tuft of feathers on its tail. However, its most striking feature is its large orange bill, which is even longer than its body.


Data message

  • Name: Hal
  • Known Nicknames: Green Bird, Boomerang Bird
  • Affiliate Groups: The Flock
  • Best friends: Red, Jay Jake y Jim, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, Bubbles, Stella.
  • Enemies: King Pig, Common Pigs, Chef Pig, Cape Pig


As shown in the "Summer Pignic" short, this bird is a lover of summer, and its large beak is also shown to bring you trouble although it can also help you. In Angry Birds Go! Hal is very serious and competitive, always preparing to win. In the comics Hal maintains his AB Go! Personality, but he is also shown to be peaceful and not very fond of resorting to violence. The personality test also reveals that Hal cares a lot about what others think of him and also that he is excellent at debating.

Powers and abilities

En Angry Birds Clásico, AB Seasons, AB Río, AB Friends y Angry Birds 2

Its power consists in that, when launched, it can open its beak in mid-flight, which makes it start to turn on the opposite side to that of the launch, being able to hit a structure from behind, where it may be more vulnerable, causing them to collapse.


  • Hal is recommended against glass and wood as it is very good at breaking both materials.
  • Try to throw Hal, using his ability, to destroy vulnerable points in the back of the structures.
  • Hal is very bad against stone, just like most other birds.
  • It is one of the most difficult birds to control; when its ability is used, it is often that the bird misses with a 75% chance if the throw is too high or too low.
  • A common drawback is when the bird is shot straight into the air, it is difficult to steer perfectly when approaching the ground, sometimes it can hit the ground braking instantly.

En Angry Birds Go!

Here, its ability is to generate a tornado that spins around, damaging and slowing all the karts that are in said range. In addition, said tornado can also collect all the coins and fruits / ice cream that are in its range, in addition to destroying obstacles such as blocks and boxes of TNT.


Hal currently has the following variants:

  • Grimolock: In Angry Birds Transformers, Hal is Grimlock. Like the original, it is a robot in the shape of a dinosaur, with the difference that here it has Hal's colors, that is, green and yellow.


  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry birds trilogy
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Transformers
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Angry Birds: The Movie
  • Angry Birds Action! (En la ruleta)


  • There is a trick for Hal to come out straight, throw him back and activate his power
  • This character features an animated design for Angry Birds Toons, however, like Stella and Mighty Eagle, he has not appeared in the series.
  • It is the one that had the most design changes from Classic to Toons
  • In the short "Summer Pignic" his form is very different from that of the game.
  • Rovio almost always forgets it in his animations and games.
  • He bears a certain physical resemblance to the Mighty Eagle.
  • It is the only bird that rotates 360º when launched.
  • It is the only bird whose sound changes in two games (Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons)
  • He appears combined with Chuck and the Blues in Star Wars to form Yoda, this was confirmed by Rovio.       
  • Hal, Bubbles and the Ice Bird are the only birds to appear for the first time abducted by pigs, even though Bubbles was not abducted.
  • Hal makes sounds similar to Chuck's when Hal is hit, this makes Hal the only bird without an original pain noise.
  • Hal, Blu, and Perla are also the only birds that turn when shooting from the slingshot.
  • Hal has a different voice at the launch of Angry Birds Seasons. However, the PC and Mac version of Angry Birds Classic also has the alternate voice of the bird. The phone version of the original Angry Birds has the voice of selection and initial launch.
  • Hal and the Ice Bird are the only birds shown in the level before an item is played.
  • In Angry Birds Chrome level 6-4 his corpse sprite disappears and is invisible, but when you unlock it, the corpse sprite will be that of Angry Birds Rio and keeps Chuck's pain noises, but the feathers change. yellow for white.
  • Hal can be based on the emerald toucan.
  • Another corpse of Hal, ends its beak with red in the old design, but in the game it has an orange-yellow color at the end of its beak.
  • En Angry Birds Rio y demás versiones online como, Angry Birds en Facebook , Angry Birds (Google Chrome) , Angry Birds Vuela tazos , Fuji TV Angry Birds , Angry Birds Telepizza , y Angry Birds in the Hunt for the Golden pistachio, Hal tiene un nuevo diseño.
  • Despite all its beak is all orange, in the Summer Pignic short film, the upper part of its beak is yellow, while the lower part is orange just like in its old design.
  • As shown in the Summer Pignic video, it is prone to accidents. This is only in the short, because, as seen in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola short, he is an excellent swimmer and can even get back into the water again.
  • In Piglantis, Hal's ability does not work when he is underwater. The corpse appears when the ability is activated.
  • Hal is the only bird to have had to be rescued twice (the first in Danger Above and the second in The Big Setup).
  • Terence and Hal are the only 2 birds used in The Big Setup.
  • Even though Hal has green feathers, his feathers are yellow and he will appear when he disintegrates after hitting a structure. In Angry Birds Chrome, Angry Birds Facebook and 2012 updated version of the original game, green feathers appear (an older version of the Chrome version had white feathers).
  • Interestingly, in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola short, he can spin around in the water, but in Piglantis, when he's underwater, his power is rendered useless.
  • It is the only bird that does not have any transformation (Only up to Angry Birds Transformers).  
  • In Angry Birds 2, it is an extra bird. 
  • It is the first bird to play an instrument (the banjo). 

Curiosities in the film

  • One of Hal's best friends is Bubbles, this is shown in the movie.

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