Flappy Angry Birds

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Martí Micolau

Angry birds and flappy bird

ANGRY BIRDS vs. FLAPPY BIRD ♫ 3D animated Game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))

The main character of the game and (like the ice bird) only in this game

It is a game based on flappy bird in this game Red will not be the main character but rather it is a bird with a physical resemblance to the original flappy bird


  • 1 The best
  • 2 The worst
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Power-ups


There is a flight limit is until hitting the pig and the golden egg in the final level and there are bonus levels with 3 bonus birds


It is more difficult not to lose because you not only lose by hitting yourself with the tubes if you do not collide with the pig you lose and the pigs crush you by tearing the tubes and you also lose and let the king pig crush you

The pigs you must kill

Animation of Red flying

Blue bonus bird

Yellow bonus bird

Orange bonus bird


In the game the birds have powers

Flappy bird: does nothing

Red: sings and by the force of the song breaks several tubes

Blues: it triples and it's like you have 3 lives

Chuck: it goes so fast that if it is near the tubes it breaks them

Bomb: explodes if you collide (only once) with a tube

Matilda - Drop eggs all the way and destroy the tubes below

Hal: it turns and at a specific moment it gives it a boomerang effect and destroys the tubes it touches

Terence: it is so strong that it destroys everything it touches even the tubes

Bubbles: when inflated it becomes immune to tubes

Stella: makes bubbles and puts the tubes in and (LITERALLY) takes the tubes

Yellow bird (bonus): does nothing

Bluebird (bonus): does nothing

Orange bird (bonus): does nothing


Terence's slingshot power: Terence appears in a slingshot that he hid in each level and (as his in-game power) destroys all tubes

forcing force: makes your bird have a force field that supports any attack from pigs and tubes

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