First Level Ever!

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First Level Ever! is the first episode of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories, released on January 18, 2020 on YouTube.


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YouTube description

Who remembers the first level? It may seem easy to look back, but how many of us shot Red in the wrong direction? Do not lie...


  • Common Pigs
  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb
  • Pig with Mustache
  • Eggs


The sequence begins with the pigs inaugurating the first structure of the game, while the Mustache Pig escapes with the eggs. At the same time, Chuck gives Red a scissor to inaugurate the Spring, so Red gets on it, in that, the birds see a giant hand, which must help Red destroy the structure of the pig, but by accident it points to the wrong side, finally the hand points towards the fortress, destroying it and earning 3 stars. Red retrieves the eggs, while confetti fell from the sky, Bomb is moved and ends up exploding.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Ep. 1 - First Level Ever!


  • The structure used by the pig in the episode is the same as in Poached Eggs level 1-1, since in the description of the video it refers to the first level.
  • The 3 stars that appear in the episode are the same as those in Angry Birds 2.
  • In the background of the episode's stage, Pig's Head Mountain can be seen.
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