Fever Pitch

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Fever Pitch is the seventeenth episode of the Angry Birds Bubble Trouble series, being released on August 31, 2020, for the Amazon streaming site FreeTime Unlimited.

The episode was subsequently released on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, on April 17, 2021.


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Description of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

The birds take to the field for a friendly soccer game, or as an outsider would call it, "total chaos."


  • Chuck
  • Red
  • Stella
  • Silver


The birds were playing soccer, so Red asks them to pass the ball to him, Silver passes it to him but this causes Red to slip and fall. So he decides to imagine that he is in a football stadium, at one point he throws it at the goal but Silver dodges it, Chuck manages to recover the ball, and it is thrown towards Stella, who with a bat hits the ball towards Red, who hits him in the face, and makes Chuck recover it, at one point Silver stops him with his machine, so Stella throws the ball into the goal, scoring a goal despite the net attempt to save, causing the team to Silver and Stella earn a point, so they celebrate.

That is when Red gets angry and begins to imagine traps and obstacles that he must avoid while trying to score, at one point he throws, but the ball hits a pipe, preventing it from finally scoring. That's when they stop imagining and see how the ball is thrown out of reach, so Red decides to turn into a ball for Chuck to score a goal.

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  • This episode is a reference to the Angry Birds Football video game.
  • Inside the goal scoreboard, you can see the classic designs of the birds, as team hallmarks.
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