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Blue Pig, Pink Pig, Rainbow Pig and Albino Pig

The "Fanon Pigs" are versions of pigs that appear in different games of the Angry Birds saga

Angry Birds Australia

The following pigs appear in this game:

  • Common pigs
  • Blue Pig: This pig lives in the eucalyptus forests and therefore, in its constructions it uses this material, it has medium resistance


    There are several subtypes: Blue Fat Pig, Normal and Small.
  • Pink Pig: This pig lives in the city. Whenever it appears in the fort there is metal or glass. The big ones have low resistance, but the little ones are so strong that you have to drop the whole fort down to defeat them
  • Rainbow Pig: This is the rarest and most resistant pig.
  • Albino Pig: This pig is also rare, and has the ability to become invisible.

Other games

  • Common pigs
  • Los cerdos mencionados en Angry Birds Australia (En Angry Birs Poched Chickens;Angry Birds Easter,Angry Birds New Zeland:episodios Platypus Folowed y New City Oceany. Angry Birds Photomany)
  • Red Pig (ofiretail): Is it like a normal pig but red and with the power to explode like a bomb and burn everything? (In Angry Birds Gravity Falls and other games)
  • Frosty
  • Loki Pig
  • Camo Pig
  • Zombie pigs (in Angry Zombie) [rarely seen in angry birds gravity falls although they are believed to be actually gnome pigs]
  • Purple Pigs: Normal but purple pigs with the power to create bubbles to trap normal birds, can only be defeated with a Grust Bird (currently only in Angry Birds Gravity Falls)

    Common Pig (first) Purple Pig (second) Firetail (third) and Frostpig (last)

    Un Firetail


    Portada de Angry Birds Gravity Falls

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