Fanfic: The Silver Chronicles

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Valery Aloyants

Note: The Pokémon battles from the Back to Rio fanfic are reused here.

It was a typical day on Piggy Island, the sun was shining, the butterflies appeared and the Angry Birds were fighting the pigs.

Pig king: Hahaha, I've never been beaten by birds.

Red: We need something to crush it.

Silver: Yo, yo, over here leader.

Chuck: Mmm, maybe yes...

Silver: Around here deaf of ...

Red; If we can...

Silver: Given that.

Silver lunges for the slingshot, but collides with Tony.

Red: That's it, come on cousin, finish it.

Tony goes for the slingshot and defeats the Pig King and goes with Terence (and Silver) back to Finland.

Later, in Pig city.

Pig king: We need ideas to end the birds.

Mostachon pig: Make them dumber.

Chef pig: More defenses.

Common pig: Do not surround ourselves with TNT.

The pig king throws that pig out of the castle and the scientist pig appears with a potion.

King pig: What does that potion do?

Scientific pig: It is a potion of cowardice, if someone touches it they will be afraid of the first thing they see.

Pigs make 'I have an idea' faces

The next day.

Red: How do you plan to beat us today, Pig King?

Pig king: With this (He throws the potions of cowardice at the Angry Birds and they run out of fear) (evil laugh) It worked. (A shipping package appears with Silver frozen and thawed) Capture her and force her to help us.

The pigs throw a potion at him.

Silver: Now you will see ugly pigs.

Pig king: What happened, why don't you fear us?

Pig 1: (The potion is fixed) Ahem, maybe by accident we throw a potion that makes her brave as a warrior.

Pig king: WHAT DID YOU DO WHAT !!! ???

Silver defeats all the pigs and sends them to another island, but the pig king flees.

Silver: And if you want more, let me know.

Red: Wow, you were amazing.

Silver: (Blushing) Haha, it was nothing, but why didn't they do anything?

Dahlia: I think he did not throw something that made us afraid of pigs.

Silver: Those pigs will see!

Silver va a Pig city.

Pig king: What are you doing here, is it not satisfied with having beaten me like 100 times?

Silver: This time your reign of evil will end Leonard, I challenge him to a duel, will he accept or is he a coward?

Pig king: A coward wouldn't do this

The pig king shoots a ball of smoke and disappears, leaving his crown.

Silver: Now I am the queen of the pigs.

Gale appears.


Rival Gale wants to fight.

Silver use peck.

Not very effective

Gale enemy use foul play.

Silver used body shot.

Gale substitute use enemy.

Silver uso hiperrayo.

The substitute receives the year instead of enemy Gale.

Enemy Gale's substitute fell weakened.

Gale enemy use charm

Low Silver Attack.

Silver must rest from his attack.

Gale played foul play.

What should Silver do?



You CANNOT run away from a battle against a trainer.

Silver use body shot

Enemy Gale has been weakened.

Defeated Rival Gale.

Gale: ...

Silver: Do not believe it, bird, I am the queen of the pigs now, and I am going to make them stop doing evil things. (He puts on Gale's crown, throws the King Pig and goes with the pigs) Did you hear pigs? I am his new queen.


Other pigs: (At the same time as the previous ones) WE WILL DO WHAT YOU SAY OUR QUEEN !!!

Silver: Does anyone have a potion for my friends to be brave like before?

All the pigs that obeyed her: ¡¡¡NO!!!

Scientific pig: I have it, and I will never give it to you (Run away and find the king pig without a crown) WHAT are you doing here common pig?

`` Common pig '': I AM NOT A COMMON PIG, I AM YOUR KING !!!

Scientific pig: I don't believe you, also remember that Silver is the queen now.

`` Common pig '': Will you help me defeat her?

The other pigs that obeyed him appear.

All the pigs that would obey him: Count on that common pig, you will be our new king.

Pig king: ¬¬

Meanwhile, with Silver.

Silver: There must be something around here to heal my friends!

A wild common pig.

Silver swirl use.

Wild common pig fled the combat.

Pig laughter begins.

`` Common pig '': Here I am Silver, I challenge you to a battle to see who is the king.

Fight Pig King Leonard

Silver use peck.

King pig used foul play.

Some pigs capture Silver.

Silver: Wow, that's a foul game. Don't think you will stop me.

Mostachon pig: Unless we use this.

The pigs throw potions at Silver but she dodges them and accidentally spews acid, freeing Silver.


Silver: Now you will see pigs.

Silver used karate punch.

It is very effective.

Most of Bad Piggies were weakened.

Substitute use enemy pig king.

Silver surface doble bofeton.

Substitute takes damage instead of enemy Pig King.

Substitute takes damage instead of enemy Pig King. 

Enemy Pig King's Substitute was weakened.

Number of strokes: 5

King pig enemy use water gun.

Silver use peck.

Enemy Pig King was weakened.

Defeated King Pig Leonard.

Leonard: Damn, I have to train more.

The pigs run away.

Silver: And don't come back next time.

Scientific pig: Then we will take this away (Show the potion that nullifies the effects of the previous potion)

Silver: COME BACK HERE !!! Pigs, stop them.

The pigs try to stop King Pig and the other pigs but end up catching themselves.

Pig king: How good that those pigs are heads of chorlito.

The pig king and the others disappear

Silver: No way, I'll have to stop them.


Pig king: Well, part 1 of our plan is done.

Scientific pig: Now part 2.

Silver finds the pigs.

Silver: Here they are.

Pig king: Now.

The ninja pigs catch Silver with a Net.

Silver: Don't think this Network will stop me.

The Wizpig casts a spell on Silver causing him to fear them, but they throw him a can of soda.

Wizpig: Who...?

The pigs and Silver see the Angry Birds.

Pig king: What happened, is this potion limited time?

Scientific pig: No.

Red: It is that when we saw this photo ... (Shows a photo of them defeating the pigs) ... we remembered that we are not afraid of them.

The Angry Birds free Silver and take Wizpig's potion and wand from the pigs.

Chuck: This is a battle for everyone.

Chuck throws the potion at Silver, making him not afraid of pigs, they defeat all the pigs and the pigs leave with the crown that Silver had.

Pig king: I am the king of pigs.

Red: And don't come back.

The Blues: Silver How does it feel to be queen of the pigs?

Silver: Then...


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