Fanfic: The plan to control the dragon

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Aina Prat

Red, Chuck, Stella, the Blues, Hal, Bomba, Matilda, and Bubbles were riding the mighty dragon when a pig appears and kicks Bubbles away.

Red: Where did that pig come from?

More pigs appear until they kick out all the Angry Birds and put boxes of TNT on the slingshot.

King pig: Now to control the dragon.

The King Pig lays 3 golden eggs and a red koi fish created by the scientist pig and controls the Mighty Dragon, which attacks the Angry Birds and the pigs capture them.

Later, Terence appears with another slingshot and frees the Angry Birds.

Red: Thanks brother, now we must think about how to rid the Mighty dragon from the pigs.

Jay: Maybe the Mighty Eagle will help us.

Red: You guys go call him while we distract the pigs.

King pig: Alright dragon, let's see your powers.

The mighty dragon starts destroying things until Bubbles kicks some pigs off of him.

Pig out: They are the birds.

King pig: Dragon, attack.

Red: Pig King !!!

Red uses his ability to attack the king pig.

Mostachon pig: Dragon, eat it.

Chuck uses his ability to distract the mighty dragon.

King pig: Dragon, don't be fooled by his abilities.

The Mighty dragon manages to catch Red and Chuck, but the blue ones appear with a can of sardines, which they throw and the Mighty Eagle appears, which saves Red and Chuck begins to fight against the Mighty Dragon.

Blue: Come on Mighty Eagle, teach him.

The Mighty Eagle fights the Mighty Dragon until the Mighty Dragon breaks free from the control of the pigs and is going to defeat them, then they all ride on him again.


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