Fanfic: Interdimensional Travel

Who I am
Lluís Enric Mayans

Note: The Fanfic is divided into the series and franchises through which the Angry Birds and the pigs will pass, some being crossovers and others the Angry birds and the pigs as characters of that series / franchise

Nota 2: There will be some polls where it will be decided which character would be the bird or pig.


  • 1 Mundo de Angry Birds
  • 2 Mundo de Sonic the Hedgehog
  • 3 World of Gumball
  • 4 World of One more show
  • 5 World of Pok√©mon
  • 6 World of Steven Universe
  • 7 Mundo de Plants vs. Zombies
  • 8 Mundo de Bloons Tower Defense
  • 9 Adventure Time World

Mundo de Angry Birds

The Pig King finished the invention that he had been making in previous Fanfics.

Pig king: Ready, now I can finally get those eggs.

To the next day:

Pig out. Beware of that rascals.

Red: What's that?

King pig: It is a machine to travel through dimensions, so they will not be able to stop us.

The pigs steal the eggs and use the machine to run away from the birds.

Red: They won't escape (The portal closes) Damn.

Stella: Dahlia, do you think you can make one up?

Dahlia: Yes, I'll do it faster than a rooster crows (A few minutes later) Done, I'm done.

The Angry Birds use the portal to go to the dimension where the pigs were.

Mundo de Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic website: http: //es.sonic.weba page / Cover

Cast de Sonic
Red Sonic the Hedgehog
Chuck Miles ``Tails¬ī¬ī Prower
Stella Amy Rose
Dahlia Sally Acorn
Bomb Knuckles the echidna
pigs Badnicks
Eggs Chaos and Super Emeralds
Matilda Rouge the Bat
Pig king Eggman

Red: Where are we, because I'm blue and the others are other colors and because I feel some attraction towards Dahlia and a little towards Stella?

Dahlia: According to this we are in the world of a certain Sonic The Hedgehog, the fastest hedgehog in the world. Red, you are that Sonic, I am Sally, Stella is Amy Rose, blah blah blah.

Chuck: If that Sonic is so fast, why am I not him?

A few Bad-pigs-nicks appear.

Red: Pigs, or some common robots.

Red uses the Homming Attack (The ability he has in Red's Mighty Feathers) and defeats one of the Bad-pig-nicks. and the Pig King appears.

Pig king: Give me those egg-emeralds.

Red: Egg what?

Red uses the egg-emeralds, transforming into Super Red.

Chuck: Now in addition to being fast, you are yellow ¬¬

Pig king: Badnicks, attack.

The Bad-pigs-nicks attack Super Red, but are defeated.

Super Red: Great, now I'm invincible, and I can fly.

Pig kingDamn it, now it'll be hard to beat him.

Super Red attacks the pig king, but he enters the Big Arm and grabs it, throwing them against the ground and losing all their rings, becoming Red again.

Red: Now how will we defeat it?

Stella uses the hammer piko-piko.

Chuck: Where did that hammer come from?

Stella: I don't know, I just made him appear and that's it.

Eggman: Pieces of junk, attack.

The bad-pigs-nicks attack, but are defeated.

Red uses the Super Emeralds, becoming Hyper Red.

Hyper Red: What happened, why did I turn colored this time?

Chuck: I think you used the other egg-emeralds

Pig king: Damn, I have to do it all myself.

The pig king uses the Big Arm to defeat Hyper Red, but he dodges it and defeats him.

Hyper Red: Get out of here.

The pigs use the portal to go to another world, and the Angry Birds chase them.

Gumball World

Gumball website: http: //es.gumball.weba / El_incre% C3% ADble_mundo_de_Gumball_website

King pig: Where we are?

Chef pig: What a strange world, here everything has a face and / or body.


The Angry Bitds fall into Gumball's house.

Red: Where are we now?

Gumball and Darwin appear.

Gumball: Hello, birds.

Bubbles: Could you tell us about this place?

Gumball: Sure, I'm Gumball and he is my brother Darwin, this city is called Elmore, those over there are my family and this is the incredible world of ... Na, forget it, I think you already understood.

Red: Have you seen any pigs?

Darwin: Not because?

Red: They are our enemies, they always try to steal our eggs.

Darwin: I don't think I've seen any.

Gumball: Let's see your memory (Gumball looks at Darwin's memory) No, your memory is more than clean.

Rob and the pigs appear.

Darwin: I found them.

Rob: Now you will see Gumball and Darwin.

The Angry Birds and Gumball and Darwin fight Roby the pigs until they win and the bad guys run away even with the unhatched eggs of the Angry Birds.

Red: We are going to need more people to beat them.

The pigs hack Boberto into attacking the Angry Birds and make some characters bad, but Hector shows up and crushes them.

Little pig king: What was that?

Red: We went.

Little pig king: Don't think they will beat us.

The Angry birds and Gumball and his friends fight against the pigs, Rob, the characters who were made bad and Boberto, winning in the end.

Red: Did you say?

The pigs escape to another dimension again, and the Angry Birds chase them again.

World of One More Show

One more show website: http: //es.regularshow.weba page / Un_Show_M% C3% A1s_web page

The Angry Birds fall into the park, where Mordecai and Rigby see them.

Mordecai: Mira, son los Angry Birds.

Red: Do you know us?

Rigby: Of course, we have played their games.

Mordecai: Yes, and what are they doing in our world?

Silver: The same as always, stop the pigs.

The pigs appear attacking the Park.

Chuck: There they are.

The Angry Birds, Mordecai and Rigby are going to stop them.

King pig: Damn, the birds found us again.

Rigby throws the Angry Birds, but misses.

Mordecai: Rigby, look up there.

Rigby sees the Pause, Mighty Eagle, and Power Ups buttons.

Rigby: Mordo, throw me to the Power Ups button (Mordecai throws Rigby to the Power Ups button and Rigby uses the Sling Scope) Now I'm going to hit them.

Rigby throws the Angry Birds and defeats the pigs.

King Pig: Now you will see.

The king pig throws a pig towards the Power Ups button and uses the Birdware or whatever it is called and they escape.

Mordecai: We will need help.

The pigs flee to find allies, but Muscle Man appears and defeats some.

Red. Don't leave before finishing.

Papaleta: Pigs, their behavior is very negative, they must learn not to steal eggs.

The pigs try to flee, but are attacked by the group.

Mordecai. Do not think they will escape.

The king pig uses Birdware's Power Up, but everyone gets on Carmenita (Pops' car that can fly)

King pig: Damn, a car that flies, you (Mechanical Pig) make something up.

The pigs distract the group so that the mechanical pig invents something to defeat them.

A few hours later:

Mechanical pig: Ready.

The pigs get on the mechanical pig robot to defeat the group, then Red throws a can of sardines for the Mighty Eagle to defeat him, but the robot was immune to the Mightys.

Red: Damn, now how do we defeat them?

Mordecai and Rigby: We know how.

Mordecai and Rigby dress up in the Tae Kwon Mortal / Mortal Kwon Do version and use Mortal Strike.

The Blues: Great, what was that?

Mordecai: It's called Mortal Kwon Do, you must be dressed like this to be able to do it.

Mordecai and Rigby defeat the robot pigs, but they escape to another dimension and the Angry Birds follow them.

Pokemon world

Pokémon website: http: //es.pokemon.weba / webpageDex

The pigs arrive where Team Rocket was.

James: What was that?

Pig king: And who are you?

Meowth: Team Rocket, and we stole other people's Pokémon.

Chef pig: Would you help us with something?

Meanwhile, with the Angry Birds.

Bubbles: Good, we come to the world of Pokémon.

Red: Consentrense, we must find the pigs.

Chuck appears disguised as Pikachu.

poppy: That Chuck costume looks really cute on you.

Chuck: (Blushing) Thank you.

Ash appears.

Ash: Who are those Pok√©mon? (He checks the Pokedex and nothing happens) WHAT, THEY'RE NOT POK√ČMON !!! ???

Bubbles: No, we are from another dimension, we are birds, as well as Pidgey, Fletchling and other Pokémon that you can think of.

Los Angry Birds, Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Bonnie/Clem, Clemont/Lem y Dedenne se presentan.

Clemont: Wow, so there are worlds where there are no Pokémon?

A trap appears that traps Pikachu.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, it's a crossover war.

James: And they better fear.

Jessie: To protect the multiverse from devastation.

James: To unite all the villains within our nation

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love.

James: And extend our kingdom to the last world.

Jessie: ¬°Jessie!

James: ¬°Jamemememes!

Jessie: Team Rocket and pigs traveling at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight char char.

Meowth: Meowth that's right.

Ash: Team Rocket!

Red: ¬°Bad Piggies!

Stella: Bring the slingshot.

Serena: Braixen salt now uses flare.

Ash: Hawlucha and Talonflame I choose them.

Pig king: Do not think they will defeat us, we have got Pokémon, and in a Pokémon battle only Pokémon can enter and you don't have any.

The pigs use magnets to steal the Pokeballs from Ash and his friends, catch Talonflame, Hawlucha and Braixen and take out other Pokeballs that had Tepig, Pignite or Emboar, then all the Bird Pokémon and Psyduck appear.

Red: What was that?

Ash: ¬°Miren, son un Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidget, Spearow, Fearow,  Farfetch¬īd, Psyduck, Togetic, Togekiss, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Oh-Ho...

Chuck: Apparently the pigs have been stealing the eggs of the Pokémon.

Ash: uh, what are you talking about?

Red: Pigs try to steal our unhatched eggs to eat.

Ash: What? :O

Bonnie: That is not right.

Dedenne: Dedede.

Ash: We will help you defeat them.

The Angry Birds convince the Pokémon to jump down the slingshot to defeat the Tepigs.

James: Let's see if they see us now.

James throws a smoke bomb, but Red turns the Power up Homming Bird and launches himself through the slingshot, defeating most of the Tepigs.

Pig king: I told you that these birds are not easy to stop.

Red switches to his Red mighty Feathers ability and defeats the rest of the Tepigs, Pignites and Emboars, then Ash's Greninja goes to help him.

Ash: Very good Greninja, use cut.

Greninja use cut.

The Pokémon were released.

Pig king: Do not think they will escape.

The Pig King tries to stop the Pokémon but Serena's Braixen uses flare, stopping him.

Red: How do you expect to stop them if you can't stop 3 eggs?

Clemont: Bonnelby, come out now, use mud shot.

Bunnelby used mud shot.

Bonnie: Deddene usa impactrueno.

Deddene uso impactrueno.

Pig king: Stop them.

The pigs try to stop the Pokémon but are defeated along with Team Rocket by the Bird Pokémon and Psyduck, then they run away and the Angry Birds chase them.

Steven Universe world

Steven Universe website: http: //es.steven-universe.weba / Cover

Steven was on the beach when the Angry Birds fell from the sky.

Steven: Wow, are birds raining?

Red: Who are you?

Steven: I am Steven Universe and I am magical, well, half magical from my mother, and who are you?

Chuck: We are the Angry Birds, and we are chasing the evil green pigs that steal our unhatched eggs, have you seen them around here?

Steven: I do not think so.

Several gem monsters appear, then the Angry Birds and Steven Universe attack them.

Perla: Amethyst, have you seen Steven?

Amethyst: This with those birds attacking various Gem monsters.

Perla: That?

Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet are going to defeat the gem monsters.

Steven: Girls, good that you are here, I want to introduce my friends to the Angry Birds.

Red: Hello there.

They all show up until the pigs with robots and Gem destabilizers appear.

Pig king: Let's see if they beat us birds !!!

The Cristal Gems, the Angry Birds, Steven and the pigs fight until the good guys win and the pigs escape again.

Red: Quick square hairstyle, throw us towards them.

Garrnet throws the entire flock down the pig's wormhole.

Mundo de Plants vs. Zombies

The pigs find the zombies, who bite them and turn them into zombie pigs (Except for those who do not have a Zombie version) and the pig king makes a deal with doctor Zomboss.

Angry birds find plants.

Peashooter: Hello birds, what are you doing here?

Red: And who are you?

Peashooter: I'm the pea shooter.

frozen arrow: I am the frozen mushroom, and I freeze the zombies.

Ulna: We have something in common friend, we can both freeze.

Petacerezas and Petaseta: We / I are / am the / the petacerezas / petaseta and we can explode.

Bomb: Same as me.

The others introduce themselves, discovering the other similarities they have.

Red: The 2 worlds are very similar, we protect someone or something in our case, our enemies are green, only that we are not from defense games.

Zombies and non-zombie pigs appear.

DR Zomboss: You have 2 options, either you lose or we win.

Peashooter: Try it old brain.

Pig king: Now see !!!

The Angry Birds prepare the slingshot to launch the cherries, flower rammer, and themselves, but a telepig and hanging zombies appear and steal the slingshot.

Dr Zomboss: Now to use this to enter the house.

Red: (While throwing a can of sardines) Now Mighty Eagle, I choose you.

The Mighty Eagle appears and defeats everyone except the Telepig, Zombistein, Hanging Zombies, and Dr Zomboss.

Dr Zomboss: Nice try little bird, but that won't be enough.

The telepig and the hanging zombies take the plants and the Angry Birds will defeat them.

The Angry Birds manage to defeat the telepig, then the hanging zombies, then the Zombistein and in the end they manage to free the plants and defeat Dr. Zomboss.

The pigs emerge from the remains of Dr Zomboss's robot, the mechanical pig repairs the telepig's helmet, modifies it to be able to travel to other dimensions and they flee to another world.

Red: Damn, they escaped.

Dahlia: We go after them.

Dahlia makes Red become the telebird, and modifies him so that he can travel to other worlds.

Peashooter: Can we go with you?

Red: Okay, but first we must make sure that the zombies do not attack while they are gone.

Dahlia creates a trap so she can stop the zombies until the plants return and go after the pigs. 

World of Bloons Tower Defense

The Angry Birds and the plants come to the world of Bloons Tower Defense, where they see the towers of Bloons Tower Defense 5 (Dart Monkey, Tack shooter, Bomb Tower, etc), their improvements and the special agents of the game fighting against various ZOMG and balloon pigs and they were about to lose, so they go and beat the ZOMG and balloon pigs.

Dart Monkey: Who are you?

They all introduce themselves.

Red: So this is also a defense game franchise?

Ulna: (He leaves with the frozen mushroom and the Ice Tower) Look, we are the ice trio.

Bubbles: And because they hate balloons?

Dart Monkey: Nobody knows, we do not have a series or movie that explains that.

Red: Oh.

The king pig appears in a MOAB and with several balloon pigs (Not to be confused with the balloon pig, a pig from the King Pig level of classic Angry Birds) 

Super Monkey: Now you will see MOAB

Terence dresses up as Wingman and Bomb from Super Bomb to help the Super Monkey.

In construction...

Adventure Time World

End, for now.

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