fan fic by silver 123 (Plata123): Locked up forever part 1 (special)

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Martí Micolau

Well this is a great 5 part special right? Hoped you like the first part!

It all starts like this: it was a sunny day for the angry birds, everyone was calm, esepto network .... it was very strange, he did not want to abandon the eggs, he did not want to do anything, just sleep and be aware that his eggs did not happen to them. Stella being her friend, she realized that something is wrong ...

Stella: (..... Red is very depressed that he opened the door to the poor man? ....)

Red: ... what .... m-bad ... Stella: red? Are you sick? What happened to you?

Red: is ... I have ..... my-fear .......

Stella: hmm? What about?

Red: it's ... you shouldn't know ..... ok?

Stella: ._. Please tell me network .... Network: okay is that ...

Suddenly .... Silver: K_KHE IS THAT ?!

Chunk: OMG !! IT'S A KIND OF .... WAIT ..... TONY ?!

Tony: ummmm it's an emergency

Chunk: what happens?

Tony: you see..terence while all of YOU were sleeping the pigs captured him with some fake eggs but when he noticed that the real ones took them it was late they snatched him, caught him, captured him and fled without leaving a trace ... but terence .. .his life is in danger of dying since they locked him in a hidden seal in pig-wordl ... Stella: moment .. Red, were you hiding?

Red: I was afraid to tell you ... Silver: AA J HA HA DON'T LOSE YOUR CALM DON'T FAKE IT NONONNN !!! Chunk: EVERYONE DON'T GET SOMETHING FAST !! Stella: wait ... what is pig-word?

Tony: pig-wordl is the world that only has advice from the ancestral portal of the legendary birds ... our ancestors knew this ancestral portal of pig-wordl ... Piggy island and pig-wordl are a side of familiarity ... .. Very unknown ...... it is not known what there is if we pass the ancestral portal .... Chunk: don't you know tony? Tony: not at the moment ..... we have to find the portal ..... Silver: but what will happen to terence? Tony: if we don't find the ancestral portal or terence after 48 hours have passed ... terence will be sacrificed ...

Red: No ... if we can stop it!

Stella: that's the network that I met ..... come on, terence needs us! Silver: We have to find pig-wordl's ancestral portal! Chunk: I signed up for the trip! Come on we can't miss terence!

Tony: one more thing ... red asercate ..

Red: (approaches)

Tony: red ... I'm just telling you since you're the leader ... pig-wordl is a mysterious place for us ... It is not known who lives there ... be careful the road is long ... Red : calm tony I will take care of you all on the way ...

Tony: well ..... take this .... it's something to enter the portal .... Red: .. ??

Tony: this object is used to activate the portal .... the portal is currently seyado by a spell of a pig of pig-wordl ... You will need it ....

Red: thank you .... Tony I will not fail you ... neither you nor Terence ....

Tony: well, .. you are the only red layer ... it is dangerous and at the same time long .... only the bravest dare to go to the ancestral portal ..... I will have to accompany you ...

If you liked this part, don't forget your comment! The second part from the hiatus to 2 weeks ...

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