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Each filtering bag Ewoks They are small creatures that appear for the first time in Moon of Endor (Angry Birds Star Wars) (not playable) and Angry Birds Star Wars II (now playable). One of its members is Wicket


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How to use

How to use

As the Infobox next to it says, when just launching one it splits into three. To activate its power you have to touch the screen, so that the little ones are divided into three again (as if a pig was affected twice with the blue potion of Short Fuse and Jurassic Pork).


  • Try to use them on wood, they are stronger on it.
  • Like The Blues, try to activate your power just before hitting an obstacle. This will do a lot more destruction.
  • In Battle of Naboo (Bird Side), like the Jedi Initiates and Agent Kallus, try to use them to get a hog on a ship to get distracted by one of them. You know, to do some "extra destruction".


  • Destroy large amount of wood.


  • They are weak to glass and obviously stone.
  • If one / s collides / n and the other / s survive / n, they will not be able / n to activate their power.

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