Don't Steal My Birthday!

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Don't Steal My Birthday! is the twelfth episode of the first season of the Angry Birds Stella series.


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Description of Toons.TV

It is Stella's birthday and an old friend decides that we wish her the best, that is, take over the whole party.


Stella wakes up on the beach, wondering what happened, when her friends suddenly surprise her, and give her gifts; because it's her birthday. At Gale's castle, Gale awakens, and immediately looks through a telescope on the balcony on Stella's birthday, where he sees how they give her a fruit cake. Then Gale comes up with something.

When Stella is about to blow out the candles on her cake, Gale arrives at the place in a car, from which some pigs come out, who place a sumptuous decoration, and bring a huge cake that crushes the other smaller cake. Gale gets out of the car, and gives Stella a gift. Stella opens it and reveals to be a photo of Stella and Gale in which the former comes out with a shameful grin, much to the mockery of all the piggies. Stella thanks him not very convinced by the gift, and the pigs place banners with images of Gale and Stella for the party. They bring a stool for Stella to blow out the candles on the huge cake, but when she's about to blow out, Gale blows them out first, much to Stella's annoyance. Poppy decides to give her gift to Stella, and she begins to open it, but Gale gets bored and takes it from her to open it and reveal that they are maracas, which she looks at with disinterest, so she throws them. Next, he opens the other gifts from Stella, such as a toy (from Luca), and some flowers (from Willow). Stella and Gale begin to fight over the gift, until it bursts and takes all the flowers flying. Gale calls a piggy DJ, and he arrives along with a dance floor, on which the Handsome Pig begins to dance. Poppy and Luca excitedly start dancing happily with the pigs. Stella, annoyed, refuses to relax, but Willow and Dahlia convince her to dance too, so she starts dancing too, Entoncew Gale begins to compete as they dance, due to which Stella begins to pick up the rhythm, performing several acrobatic jumps. Gale, to overcome it, tries to perform a mega jump, but falls crashingly. Luca sees that Gale threw away his crown, and takes it to put it on Stella. This causes a misunderstanding in which Gale, furious, ends up destroying the party, so she starts arguing with Stella, and everyone leaves the party.

Already at night, Stella sneaks into her room and crawls into her bed, still upset that Gale ruined her day, but her friends come in to cheer her up, and they give her their gifts. Once they leave, Stella replaces the photo of Gale with her grimacing with a photo of her appearing with her friends.


  • Stella
  • Luca
  • Willow
  • Dahlia
  • poppy
  • Gale
  • Handsome Pig
  • Common Pigs


Angry Birds Stella Don't Steal My Birthday! S1 Ep12


  • It is the third episode of all series in which it is someone's birthday. The first is Another Birthday (which is the birthday of a satin pig), and the second is Sneezy Does It (which is the birthday of King Pig), both episodes of Angry Birds Toons.


  • When Luca puts Gale's crown on Stella, the image of Stella and Gale on the right moves to a maximum of one second.
  • Dahlia's eyebrows are missing when Luca gives Stella a toy for her gift.
  • When Stella glares at Gale, her eyebrows disappear for a second.
  • When the pig plays music, the disco track appears out of nowhere.
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