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Dogzilla It is the 11th episode of the second season of Angry Birds Toons and the 63rd of the entire series in general.


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Description of Toons.TV

Pig City is under attack by a fearsome hairy beast! The alarm sounds! Secure the perimeter! Get the toilet paper! They know what we need!


On the beach, a box washed away by the tide reaches the shore, and some small pigs that were there find it and take it to King Pig, and it turns out that inside the box there is a pink toy dog, which the pig takes out . This one is very adorable to the King and the other pigs, but the dog begins to bark on its own and do cartwheels, which greatly scares the King Pig and the other pigs present, since they think that what the toy does is dangerous , and due to this a great chaos is formed, when the toy begins to walk alone, to the greater panic of the little pigs, who hide frantically in their houses and even appear on the local news, when a journalist pig reports on the dog, and is immediately attacked on screen, while outside there are other pigs fleeing terrified from the toy. Then the King, who is with them, sees the house of Cape Pig and decides to approach it, knocks on the door and Cape Pig, who was taking a shower, opens it.

The King tells him about the situation, so Corporal Pig and him lock themselves in the house. Inside, Cabo Pig activates the city's defense system, with many guided missiles controlled by antennas and radars. From the radar they see the objective, so the King orders the Corporal to press the missile button, and he presses it, sending the missiles towards the dog, but at the last moment he manages to enter the house of Cabo Pig, Therefore, King Cedito and Corporal Pig are in complete shock just before the missiles reach the house, causing a huge explosion that destroys all of Pig City. Then, when the pigs saw that the dog was able to extinguish thanks to the explosion, they celebrate full of joy, even though the city was completely destroyed.

Later, the piglets tie the dog to a heavy anchor, which they catapult into the ocean, and then return to Pig City. The anchor ends up falling onto a small island, but which is actually revealed to be the back of the monster Godzilla, causing him to wake up.


  • Common Pigs
  • King Pig
  • Cape Pig
  • Godzilla (at the end)


  • The title of the episode is a pun between dog (dog in English) and Godzilla, a famous fictional monster.
  • The dog that appears in this episode had already appeared in the episode before this one; Joy To The Pigs, so it is unknown why in this episode they also give it to him if they had already given it to him in the previous episode, and because in Joy To The Pigs he is not afraid of it.
  • If you look closely, one of the guided missiles that Corporal Pig has, looks like the gnome that appears in the episode Oh Gnome !, and another of the missiles looks like the pink gun that appears in the episodes Run Chuck Run and Joy. To The Pigs.
  • Godzilla, who appears at the end, is the largest character to ever appear in Angry Birds Toons.
  • In the beginning, when the pigs are on the beach, one of them is holding the same Chinese vase that the Blues have in the episode Catch of the Day.
  • It is the first episode in which the house of Cabo Pig appears.
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