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First of all, if this is the case, it is because it is not invented, or it is underlined.

Devils are pigs that the absolute majority appear in the devil world.

Only two devils appear before they are:

Devil pig "undead"

Wizpig diablo

The others in the devil world.

All those that appear after (Devils) the "undead" devil pig are created as follows:

Since Wizpig died, his evil has been moving throughout the "pig-world" and his bad energy has reached some pigs that are now devils, and then they expanded little by little, then quite a lot until there are already thousands, enough for many levels.

If you want to see other stories go to stories.pig, including its end, as a step in detail.

The normal pig is this as we see in the following photo:

Do you see It is a unique image that is, only this web page has it if you want to have it, put yourself on top of it and with the right button you click and you click SAVE IMAGE AS. . .

If you have photos or want to see photos go to photos.pig

If you want to discover everything about angry birds put .pig and you will have a lot of information.

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