Delicious: Impossible

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Delicious: Impossible is the fourteenth episode of the Angry Birds Bubble Trouble series, being released on August 31, 2020, for the Amazon streaming site FreeTime Unlimited.

The episode was subsequently released on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, on March 20, 2021.


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Description of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Chuck and Silver work to pull off the perfect heist. The prize: the most delicious chocolate cake of all time!


  • Chuck
  • Stella
  • Silver


Stella was playing with mud, so Silver and Chuck take advantage by spying on her in the distance, when they see a cake, they decide to try to steal it, so they implant a mechanical rope in a tree, but when Silver accidentally breaks the lever, it warn Chuck. Subsequently, Stella grabs a cane with which she planned to turn, and ends up hitting Chuck inadvertently, in Silver's desperation to climb Chuck, he accidentally causes this to crash against the branch of the tree that held the rope.

Because of the blow, Silver stops holding the rope momentarily, but it manages to regain control, this causes Chuck to almost fall on top of Stella discovering his position, while also preventing a drop of sweat from falling on Stella. At that moment, Stella discovers them and invites them to eat the cake, and then they discover while walking that the cake was actually made of mud, this makes Silver and Chuck scared, and they end up vomiting the mud.

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Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Ep.14 - Delicious- Impossible-2

Angry Birds Bubble Trouble
Season 2017
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