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Joel Fulleda
Powers Hatchlings Price Pop (Angry Birds POP!)
First apparition: Angry Birds: The Movie
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Birds
Places: Angry Birds: The Movie

Angry Birds POP!

Alcance: Small
Size: None

Each filtering bag Chicks (Hatchlings in English) are the offspring of the birds in the Angry Birds saga, being newly hatched birds and the opposite of the Piglets.

These characters first appeared in an animated short film promoting Angry Birds: The Movie, months before its release, being a Christmas special, they sang the Christmas carols. Some time later they appeared in the film, but as secondary and filler characters, in addition to appearing in animated shorts for Easter Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day.

They also appeared in Angry Birds POP !, as well as Angry Birds 2, and Angry Birds Friends, promoting the film.

In Angry Birds 2: The Movie, the chicks appear as characters that star in their own sub-plot within the film, where the chicks, Zoe, Vincent, and Samantha, must retrieve the eggs, which had escaped into the sea. , starring in an adventure, after the events, they end up helping Red, Silver, Leonard and others, to stop Zeta, who wanted to destroy Pig Island and Bird Island.


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  • 4 Appearances
    • 4.1 Angry Birds POP!
    • 4.2 Angry Birds: The Movie
    • 4.3 Angry Birds 2
    • 4.4 Angry Birds Evolution
    • 4.5 Angry Birds Action!
    • 4.6 Angry Birds Blast!
    • 4.7 Angry Birds Blues
    • 4.8 Angry Birds Islands
    • 4.9 Angry Birds Match 3
    • 4.10 Angry Birds Island
    • 4.11 Angry Birds Friends
    • 4.12 Angry Birds 2: The Movie
    • 4.13 Angry Birds MakerSpace
    • 4.14 Angry Birds POP Blast
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General appearance)

Chicks are small creatures, they are usually round, with huge eyes. a peak that is generally very small compared to their eyes, they do not usually have eyebrows, unlike Red in his childhood who did. They have very small small wings, as well as their tiny orange legs, their feather colors usually vary a lot, as well as the color of their pupils. Some have a noticeable and large feather on their crest, others, on the other hand, have small feathers on their head.

Personality (General)

They are very imperative, but at the same time, some are usually very innocent, being children, many chicks love to do mischief.

Recognized chicks

  • Jay, Jake and Jim (only in the movies)
  • Zoe
  • Will
  • Vincent
  • Samantha
  • Ariadne
  • Timothy
  • Petunia
  • Betty
  • Glenn's Chicks (Eagles)
  • Terence and Matilda's Chicks
  • Luca


Angry Birds POP!

En Angry Birds POP!

For a limited time, the chicks were playable characters whose ability was to launch a bubble (prize pop) that painted bubbles around them and made them give you prizes. Later, the chicks replaced the Creatures of Golden Island in the levels of "Free the Chicks", which before being changed, were called "Free the Creatures".

Angry Birds: The Movie

In Angry Birds: The Movie, the chicks are small birds that like to do mischief, which starred in animated shorts in promotion of the film.

They do not play an important role in the film, they are usually relegated as secondary characters in the film.

Angry Birds 2

They appeared in Angry Birds 2, originally in promotion to Angry Birds: The movie, where they replaced the rubber duck enhancer, having the same ability as the duckling, when they were thrown, they began to fall a large number of ducks that hit structures in order to throw them away.

Chicks currently in Angry Birds 2, they change color as they level up

Later, the chicks returned to the game, but this time with the role of an "adoptable" character that appears next to the slingshot. All players have an egg with a chick inside, to hatch it must be given a name, where the egg will hatch 24 hours later, to speed up the hatch, you can pay gems and avoid waiting. Once it hatches, the user must feed it apples every day so that it does not leave the nest.

When feeding the chick, the bar will be filled to level up, if you want to level up the chick faster, you can also pay gems for it. Each time the chick levels up, it will provide feathers, which can be used by any bird, as well as give each bird one more level of power.

If the player does not feed the chick, it will be hungry and will eventually leave the nest. If he leaves, the multiplier will reset and the player will get a new egg, in case he wants to start over.

Angry Birds Evolution

The chick named "Miffy, the rock messenger" appears in Angry Birds Evolution. In the game, Miffy is a special 5-star white bird, and one of the small birds, he can only be obtained in the "Easter Escape" event. The bird has three evolutions: its first evolution, the normal version, its second evolution, its "science" version, and its third evolution, the "superhero" version.

The second "science" evolution, his super shot emits three beams of plasma, dealing + 30% damage for each pig in the line. The third evolution "superhero", deals + 40% damage for each affected pig.

In the game also appears the 5-star blue bird called "Angromedon", which is only achieved by the events of Valentine's Day, it is a robot that is controlled by one of the Blues. It has three evolutions, its first evolution, its normal version, its second evolution, its "punk" version, and its third evolution, its "superhero" version.

Angry Birds Action!

Chicks appear in Angry Birds Action !, as obstacles and targets within the game's levels.

Angry Birds Blast!

In the game Angry Birds Blast !, there are missions that must be completed by obtaining the chicks when finishing and winning some levels

Angry Birds Blues

The series focuses mainly on the chicks Jay, Jake and Jim, appearing in all episodes for evidence As well as many other chicks appear, such as Vincent, Zoe, Will, Samantha and Ariana.

Angry Birds Islands

The chick Betty appears in the Angry Birds Islands video game, which was discontinued, being one of the main characters of the game, as well as other chicks within it.

Angry Birds Match 3

The chicks appear in Angry Birds Match 3, being the protagonists of it, and appearing in almost all the promotionals and others.

In the game, there are more than 50 chicks that can be unlocked in different areas after completing levels, these chicks are only found in the menu as decorations in it, these chicks can also be bought costumes with coins that the player will earn in the levels.

Angry Birds Island

The chicks appear in Angry Birds Island, being out of the levels after doing the game tasks, such as overcoming levels, the player will have to rebuild the Chicks' garden, where they will be given to choose the design of each area or object of the same.

Angry Birds Friends

The chicks appeared on Angry Birds Friends, for the Party With The Hatchlings! Tournament, launched in celebration of the premiere of Angry Birds Match 3.

They were not playable birds, they only appeared in the background of the tournament levels dancing.

Angry Birds 2: The Movie

The chicks appear in Angry Birds 2: The Movie, which unlike the first movie, this time they have a more leading role, having their own sub-plot. In the film, chicks Zoe, Samantha and Vincent must retrieve Terence and Matilda's eggs, which had escaped into the sea, while playing on the beach. During the trip, they become friends with three Piglets, named Sophie, Oliver, and Isla.

Finally they help Red, Leonard and others, to stop Zeta when he wants to destroy Bird Island and Pig Island, preventing the rope that prevented the ice balls from being destroyed and the balls being thrown to the islands.

Angry Birds MakerSpace

The chicks Zoe, Will, Vicent and occasionally Ariana and Samantha, appear in the Angry Birds MakerSpace series, as protagonists of it in certain episodes.

Angry Birds POP Blast

The chicks appear in Angry Birds POP Blast, but without an important role. They do not appear as playable characters, they are only shown on some of the loading screens, along with Red, Leonard, and the Piglets. In the levels, these characters can appear as targets in bubbles, having to release them, similar to Angry Birds POP !.

VincentJay, Jake and Jim (In the Movie they are Chicks)ZoeTimothyWillSamanthaAriadneEn Angry Birds POP!In Angry Birds POP! (Free the Chicks)Petunia


Happy Holidays - The Angry Birds Movie


  • Petunia, Will, Vincent, Zoe, Samantha, Ariana, and Timothy are Chicks.
  • Small pigs are called Piglets.
  • Zoe is Terence's daughter and Matilda is seen in Angry Birds 2: The Movie.
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