Charlie Johnson

Who I am
Valery Aloyants

Charlie Johnson is a bird, daughter of Red and Stella.

His life

On October 27, 2004, Red and Stella had a Son: Charlie Johnson. They cared for him and loved him a lot, like good parents. But one day, when Charlie was 2 years old, Red and Stella had a fight and got divorced. Since the house belonged to Stella, it was owned by Red. Red had a lot of money that he got at work , but even more so when he had Stella's money. When Stella had kicked him out of his house, Red bought an apartment to move in, but unfortunately, he had spent all his money on his apartment and had no money to support Charlie. So he decided to send him to an Adoption Center. Red had enough money to feed himself, and he worked even more than he worked. But let's go back to Charlie Johnson: in the Adoption center they fed him very well, and he was happy. But one day, when Charlie Johnson was 7 years old, Bomb, who had no children, decided to go to the Adoption Center to adopt a child, and adopted Charlie. Charlie went to school and was well fed, and had a father: Bomb.


Bomb (adoptive father)

Red (Biological Father)

Stella (Biological Mother)

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