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Each filtering bag Bird Coins It is a type of virtual currency used initially in Angry Birds Friends as a replacement for Facebook credits as a form of payment within said page. Later, its use would be extended to be used in a standard way in Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Star Wars II.


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Its use is limited within the application in which it is assigned and cannot be transferred to other applications or accounts.

There are two ways to do it; The first and easiest is playing: In Angry Birds Friends they are obtained by playing and winning the weekly tournaments. In addition, Bird Coins can be won with the Daily Bonus that is obtained every day, each day you will receive more Bird Coins, but you must connect to regain the coins. In Angry Birds Go! It is obtained by performing in the race and playing for secondary objectives or simply by passing the levels. In Angry Birds Star Wars II it is obtained by unlocking achievements within the game.

The second way to get them is by buying them via the internet, requiring only a valid bank account.


  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Go!
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II (Standard Galactic Credit Only)

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