Be Brave Birdies!

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Be Brave Birdies! is the seventh episode of the Angry Birds Bubble Trouble series, being released on August 31, 2020, for the Amazon streaming site FreeTime Unlimited.

The episode was subsequently released on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, on January 23, 2021.


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Description of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Nobody wants to travel to the darkest corners of their psyche and face their deepest fear, but someone has to get the ball back.


  • Bomb
  • Red
  • Stella
  • Silver


Red, Bomb and Stella, were playing with a soccer ball, until accidentally Bomb throws it far into a dark cave, the birds are scared and go looking for the ball in fear, when they approach, they see eyes appear, Stella looks She dares to enter, but when she hears a noise, she runs out of fright.

Red then makes Bomb enter the cave, this not very convinced enters crying, but quickly escapes exploding when he hears a sound inside. Then Red decides to enter and is excited to see a mansion, upon entering, he is scared to see a spider and ends up tripping over his ball, when he sees a pig statue, he ends up running out of fear leaving the ball. Later, it is shown how Silver made the sounds by snoring while he slept.

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Angry Birds Bubble Trouble Ep.7 - Be Brave Birdies-2


  • On Amazon's official site, the episode is named "Be Brave Birdies!" With an exclamation point, while on the title card, this does not happen.
Angry Birds Bubble Trouble
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