Avian Banner

Who I am
Valery Aloyants
Avian Banner
First apparition Arena (en Angry Birds Epic)
Power Depending on your flag, your tip up and your embroidered image
Gender None
Size Regular
Scope {{{Alcance}}}

El avian banner It is a special object from Angry Birds Epic, which appears only in the sand. It is a special "ally" and "enemy", since the player's banner is an "ally", and the rival banner is an "enemy". To win, the player must knock down the rival banner.


Players can customize their banner, that is, they can change their flag, their tip of the hasta and their embroidered image, which have separate abilities, and also have HP of their own. The flag also has abilities like the birds, but with the difference that they are all passive, that is, the player cannot control them. In battle, the opponent's banner can be attacked, and its HP must be reduced until it reaches 0, to win the battle.


The banners do not have fixed abilities, but they all change depending on the flag, the tip of the hasta and the embroidery they have. These items cannot be crafted, but can only be obtained from the Mechanical Golden Pig located in the Arena. To change the parts, you have to click on the banner in the Arena dressing room.

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