Who I am
Aina Prat
Powers None
First apparition: Angry Birds: The Movie
Gender: Female
Species: Poltry
Places: Angry Birds: The Movie

Angry Birds Blues

Alcance: None
Size: Small

Ariadne is a chick that appears in Angry Birds Blues. Also appears in Angry Birds: The Movie


  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Appearances
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  • 4 Curiosities 


It has purple feathers on its head and the edge of its eyes is also purple. His eyes are green and his body is beige.


  • Angry Birds: The Movie (First appearance)
  • Angry Birds Blues
    • Flight Club
    • Three-Ring Circus
    • Parkour
    • Picnic Bandit
    • Little Big Heroes
    • Trick shot
    • All Feathers on Deck
    • The Last Act

See: Ariana /


  • His name is revealed in the episode of Angry Birds Blues: Picnic Bandit
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