Angry Chicken

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Pau Monfort

It is a new game that reaches all countries and for Wii, DS (All), Xbox, Wii U, Vita, PSP, PS2, PS3, PC, phone, Smartphone, iPad, Pad 2 and Mac


It's simple, "Chickens" They saw that their mothers, the chickens, went to sleep, then at night, they smelled a noise and they went to see what was happening, and they found the chicken coop empty, they saw a Fox carrying a sack that was shaking, then they armed a catapult and they went to the Zorro, which made the Zorro call an army and now they will have to defeat the 5 Fox bosses to get their mothers back.

Chickens = Pollos

  1. Chicken: It doesn't have any power, it just yells: PIOOOOOOO!
  2. Chicken Launcher: It has a helmet that launches laser that when pressed launches lasers until it collides
  3. Huge Chicken: It is much bigger and when squeezed, it flies much faster
  4. Chicken Bebe: Expands like a balloon
  5. Rooster: Drop an Egg
  6. Chicken Rectangle: When squeezed, it goes straight down
  7. Chicken Bomba: Explode


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