Angry Boys: Alien

Who I am
Valery Aloyants
Angry Boys: Alien
Final level 5 5
Previous Game Angry Boys: Celebrithy Days
Next Game Angry Boys: Transylvania
Game difficulty Some Ships Destroy Your Cans While Flying Through Space.

Angry Boys: Alien es la Secuela de Angry Boys: Celebrithy Days.


The Aliens Steal the Children's Chocolates again, but this time, they get into their UFO's, but they deviate, and they all arrive at LV-223 (Planet of the Alien Movie), Now, Stronger Ships and Aliens Much more Strong Confront Children.

New Cans

  • Bubble Can: Puts Everything It Touches into a Bubble.
  • Flame Throwing Tin: Throwing Fire Wherever It Goes.
  • Propulsion Can: Gives a Light that Destroys Ships with just Zoom In.
  • Intangible Can: That is only a Waste, It can only Touch the Spring, but it does not Destroy or Hit Nothing / Nobody.


  1. The Eighth Passenger
  2. The Return
  3. Third
  4. The resurrection
  5. The Origin
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