Angry Birds Transformers movie trailer

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El Angry Birds Transformers movie trailer is a special short film, being released by Rovio Entertainment in promotion of the Angry Birds Transformers video game, on August 29, 2014.


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  • 2 Plot
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  • Red (Optimus Prime)
  • King Pig (Megatron)
  • Common Pigs
  • Jay, Jake y Jim
  • Bomb
  • Hal (Grimlock)
  • Chuck (Bumblebee)
  • Stella (Arcee)
  • Eggs (Eggbots)


From space an Allspark Egg falls into the world of Angry Birds, while the birds and pigs fought for the Eggs, the Allspark falls and the characters transform into Autobots, while the eggs transform into Eggbots, and begin to shoot at objects and turning them into robots that attack both sides. Being cornered, the birds and pigs decide to join forces, eventually destroying the objects converted by the Eggbots, and the Eggbots escape while the Autobots chase them.


Angry Birds Transformers Cinematic Trailer (VHS-Rip)


  • The short film is based on the style of the original Transformers (Generation 1) animated series, which includes traditional animation, as well as the Rovio Entertainment logo set in the 1980s.
  • The short film is described as a "VHS Rip", as it is set as if it were made on VHS tape in the mid-1980s.
  • When the Allspark falls to the ground, Bomb and the Blues disappear, and it is not shown how they become their Autobot counterparts.
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