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Angry Birds: The Movie (The Angry Birds Movie in the original version) is a 2016 Finnish-American 3D computer-animated film based on the video game series of the same name. It is directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly and written by Jon Vitti. The cast stars Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, and Peter Dinklage. The film was produced by Rovio Entertainment and Sony Pictures, and distributed by Columbia Pictures.


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Red, a red, self-sacrificing bird with anger issues, is someone who doesn't fit into bird heaven. Which is taken to anger management classes meeting Chuck, a hyperactive yellow bird and Bomb, a black bird with explosion problems (which is his power). But the arrival of the mysterious green pigs on the island is going to create problems. When Leonard and his gang of pigs have planned a meticulous strategy to get the eggs of the birds, and now the three of them will be the ones to discover what the gang of pigs was planning. Together they will decide to fight back with the help of the other birds in a risky plan in which they will have to fight and give the best of their incredible abilities to be victorious.


Red goes to Timothy's party but when Edward arrives he tells Red that I'm late, then Edward picks up his bow annoying Red by throwing the cake at him but he bumps into a squirrel, luckily Edward and Eva hold Red but Timothy is distracted by the cake lets go of Eva causing Red to break the egg. Then it is seen how Red's anger develops, then Edward and Eva send him to trial, where Judge Peckinpah sends him to anger classes, when he arrives he sees a doll with a sign called Billy, which produces a sound that annoys to Red, so he destroys it. Upon entering, he meets Matilda, a hen who is the teacher, and who used to be an angry bird, and his companions: Chuck, a canary who was sent to those classes for a speeding ticket and for spilling ice cream on the officer from police, to Terence (Matilda does not mention why he was sent there), and Bomb; who was sent to anger management classes for exploding at a surprise party they threw for him.

The next day, during poetry class, during Chuck's poem, Chuck reveals that Billy was destroyed by Red, but the class is interrupted when Stella, a galah cockatoo, warns them about a ship that is coming ashore, and docks on the beach, accidentally destroying Red's house. Two pigs get off the ship: called Leonard and his assistant Ross, who are apparently the only crew on board, claiming to be "explorers", with the idea of ​​strengthening ties of friendship, and are accepted by the bird community, except for Red, who he is the only one who disagrees with the pigs and is suspicious of them.

At night, during a welcome party for the pigs, they show what they and several of their belongings are like, among which is a giant slingshot, then to show its use to the birds, Leonard uses Red as a volunteer to throw it, and lands on the beach, where he sees Leonard's ship, and together with Chuck and Bomb decide to explore it, and discovers that there are more pigs inside. Red interrupts the presentation, and leads the other pigs to reveal that Leonard was lying about him and Ross being the only crew. Then, Leonard tells the birds that those pigs are his "cousins", and that they came because they wanted to do a "Cowboy Show" for them, so Red, even more annoyed at being ignored by the birds, goes home. destroyed.

The next day, more pigs arrive at Bird Island, at the end of Matilda's class, Stella gives the pigs a tour of the avian village, where Leonard when he sees the eggs, is excited about them, but Red warns him to stay away of the eggs, but Peckinpah warns him to leave the pigs alone. Red even more annoying, but decides to discover the plans of the pigs, so with the help of Chuck and Bomb to find the Mighty Eagle, the one they say is the "Protector of the Island", and the only flying bird of this , but when he reaches the top of the mountain where she lives, Red is disappointed in Mighy Eagle when he sees that he now has a sedentary lifestyle and refuses to help them, but soon Red, thanks to the Mighty Eagle telescope, realizes that the pigs are putting dynamite in the village and planning to blow it up, while the birds have a party organized by the pigs to distract them while the pigs steal the eggs and escape.

That night the pigs steal the eggs, so Red tells Chuck to warn the birds that they are at the party, while Red and Bomb try to get the eggs out of the ship, but the pigs prevent it from happening and explode all over the place. the village with the TNT they had placed, and flee in their boats with the eggs. Then, Peckinpah and the other birds apologize to Red for not listening, who encourages them and makes a plan to retrieve the eggs.

The birds build a raft with the remaining materials (and with the slingshot as the mast), to get to Pig Island, and when they get there, they see a city with a castle in the middle, where they discover, therefore, that Leonard is actually the king. Then they drive the slingshot into the ground aiming at the city, and decide to launch themselves with the slingshot to attack the pigs and reach the castle. They are released in this order:

1-Matilda is thrown, releasing her bomb egg to the pigs, also knocking down a house with the impulse.

2-Hal is launched, hitting a pig but his boomerang effect makes him collide with a tree.

3-Ciro is thrown, hitting a bridge, causing 2 houses to collide.

4-The Mime is thrown, knocking down 3 houses and putting Leonard on alert, who orders the pigs to capture the birds they see, since they will eat the eggs at once at lunch (and not at dinner every night, as they had planned at the beginning).

5-They throw another unknown bird, knocking down 2 houses in different parts.

6-Bubbles is launched knocking down a pillar of houses as they inflate.

7-Stella is thrown knocking down 4 houses thanks to her rebounding power.

8- Judge Peckinpah is thrown knocking down a house and causing a small fire.

9-They throw the doctor, but it is not shown how many houses he demolished. (Perhaps this was thrown to attend to Judge Peckinpah, who was injured in the fire that caused)

10-Red decides to jump into a rock and is the first to reach the Castle of the Pig King.

11-Chuck is launched and with his super speed reaches the castle, crossing several rooms.

12-Bomb is launched and also arrives, goes through the walls, and a debris hits the Pig King, so he calls the Swine Air Force to kill the birds.

13-Terence launches to knock down the aircraft ramp, but accidentally breaks the slingshot.

At the castle, Red, Chuck and Bomb discover a locked vault with a sign on the door that says "No eggs here", so Chuck uses his speed to cause a distraction for the vault guards, who are chasing another guard. thinking it was him. Upon entering the vault, they discover that the net with the eggs is being taken by a zip line to the castle dining room, so Red holds onto the eggs, then the King upon seeing it decides to cook it with the eggs as he has no other option. , but Red jumps and hits Whiskers who has control of the zip line, but falls through the window, then with the control he raises the eggs preventing them from falling into the cauldron. Chuck and Bomb manage to enter the dining room. Red calls Mighty Eagle, who enters destroying the roof, arrives and takes eggs and they leave through a window, but the pigs manage to catch Red, then a blue egg comes out of the network and Red enters the castle again to recover. Red manages to take it, but the cauldron falls, spilling hot liquid inside. Meanwhile outside the castle, Bomb manages to explode "intentionally", destroying the aircraft ramp, and Terence manages to rescue the birds that are in the city in an armored vehicle that he stole from the pigs, and they escape the city.

Meanwhile, Red and Leonard fall with the chandelier into the deep basement of the Castle, which is a TNT warehouse. Leonard takes the egg and begins to cook it with a candle from the candelabrum, but Red, seeing that the cauldron is about to fall, manages to distract the King and take the egg from him, just at that moment the cauldron falls on Red, protecting him and the Rey drops the candle, which lights the dynamite and causes a huge explosion throughout the place, including the city, but Mighty Eagle, Chuck and Bomb manage to get the eggs just in time. Then the birds begin to look for Red among the rubble, and when they do not find him they begin to lament when they believe that he died, but Red comes out of the rubble and Vincent warns everyone saying: "Daddy", then Red shows the broken egg, for what they think did not survive but they see that three blue birds were born. Mighy Eagle explains to Red, Chuck, and Bomb that he purposely caused them to lose their faith in him so they would have it in themselves.

Back on Bird Island, the birds rebuild the village, make a new statue in commemoration of the rescue of the eggs, and as a thank you they make a new home for Red in the center of the village, and the Chicks (along with Terence). They make Red a song. Red, now happy and grateful to be part of the village, invites Chuck and Bomb to his house.

In the credits several birds are shown dancing. Meanwhile, in the destroyed Pig City, the pigs also dance, Leonard while devising a new plan to take their eggs, but is encouraged to dance too. Back on Bird Island Red, Chuck and Bomb are shown dancing as well, and they discover that their eyebrows make incredible dance moves.

Halfway through the credits, the blue chicks are shown slingshot over the ocean tripling, revealing that they are the Blues, Jay, Jake, and Jim.


Gallery Character Original actor Latin Spanish dubbing actor Castilian dubbing actor
Red Jason Sudeikis Adrián Uribe (El Vitor) Santiago Segura
Aidan McGraw (child) Yasir Ocampo
Chuck Josh Gad Faisy Omar José Mota
Bomb Danny McBride Ruben Cerda Carlos Kaniowski
Matilda Maya Rudolph Luz Maria Zetina Cristina Castano
Stella Kate McKinnon Cristina Hernandez Bethlehem Rodriguez
Leonard Bill Hader Dafnis Fernández Álex de la Iglesia
Ross Tony hale Moisés Iván Mora
Juez Peckinpah Keegan-Michael Key Gerardo Reyero Roberto Encinas
Mighty eagle Peter Dinklage Bazooka Joe Luis Bajo
Hal Anthony Padilla Alan Bravo Eduardo Bosch
Bubbles Ian Hecox Rodrigo Sanchez Txema Moscoso


  • Due to its success, a sequel has been made a year ago, in 2019.
  • There was also a series based on the pigs in the film, and a series called Angry Birds Blues, starring The Blues and other chicks with the design of the film.
  • This marks the first appearance of Leonard, Ciro, Eva, Edward, Mimebird, Timothy, Shirley and Judge Peckinpah.
  • In the scene when Bomb explodes on the Aviator Pigs' ramp, he refers to Short Fuse's Shockwave (Angry Birds Original)
  • The Mighty Red song refers to Red's Mighty Feathers (Angry Birds Classic)
  • They made a Marvel Captain America Civil War / Angry Birds: The Movie Trailer / Parody where Red dressed him up as Captain America and Leonard as Iron Man.
  • It is not known how the egg where Red was ended up in Lost Objects or what happened to his Parents but in art of The Angry Birds Movie it is seen that Red has a photo of his parents and him in his room and in the commercial for I love theathers Chick Red is seen with her parents.
  • Despite the fact that in the movie the characters have arms and legs, they form the same Angry Birds universe.
  • To promote the film, in the original version the voices of Hal and Bubbles are interpreted by YouTubers Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, better known for their channel Smosh.
  • Possibly the movie took place before the games, as this is where the birds meet the pigs, discover the Resortera, and the pigs' first attempt at stealing the eggs.




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