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Stickers de Angry Birds en Facebook

Each filtering bag Stickers They are a functionality of Facebook and Messenger, which can be used in conversations and personal correspondence, to express emotions and thoughts.

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Stickers de Angry Birds, for Messenger and Facebook, related to multiple games in the franchise, among these, stickers are released about the games Angry Birds 2, Stella, Match, Evolution, and Blast !.


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Stickers de Angry Birds (Facebook)

Angry Birds Facebook Stickers were launched for the social network of the same name, they were originally launched in August 2015 in celebration of the launch of Angry Birds 2, which included 20 stickers in total, related to Angry games Birds Stella and Angry Birds 2. In May 2016, the sticker pack was updated, introducing 8 stickers related to Angry Birds: The Movie, due to its premiere.

StickersAngry Birds Stickers: The Movie

Angry Birds Stickers

Angry Birds Stickers is a pack of animated Angry Birds stickers, being released for Messenger on September 12, 2016, as an application. The character design was based on the character designs from Facebook's original Angry Birds Stickers, from Angry Birds: The Movie. The package had a total of 14 stickers, later three stickers were added in December of the same year related to Christmas.

Icon like appStickers added at Christmas

Angry Birds Blast! Stickers

Angry Birds Blast! Stickers is a pack of stickers for Messenger, being launched at the beginning of January of the year 2017. It is characterized since its stickers are based on the designs of the game, and three of them being stickers created by fans (called LunaLoveChuck, OceaneGranada30 and a third fanatic unidentified). The package has a total of 13 stickers.


Angry Birds Evolution Stickers

Angry Birds Evolution Stickers, is one of the Angry Birds sticker packs, which, like the rest of the stickers, were released for Messenger, the stickers are based on the characters from the same game. The sticker pack includes 22 stickers in total, each sticker includes a phrase along with a bird from the game.

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Angry Birds Match Stickers

Angry Birds Match Stickers, is one of the Angry Birds sticker packs, which, like the rest, were released for Messenger. The stickers include a chick from the game, accompanied by a phrase, having a total of 13 stickers.

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