Angry Birds Stella 2

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Joel Fulleda
Angry Birds Stella 2
Final level Silver Mountain 4-22
Previous Game Angry Birds Stella
Next Game TBA
Game difficulty Media

Angry Birds Stella 2 is an Angry Birds game, created by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The game is based on its predecessor Angry Birds Stella. After that game closed, Rovio created a sequel, as fans were asking a lot for the game to return.


The game is based on Angry Birds Stella, the game characters appear: Stella, Willow, Poppy, Dahlia, Luca and Gale, but Silver also appears. It has 4 episodes.


  1. Tree Revenge: It is the first episode. It has 32 levels and is the first world. They appear: Stella, Poppy and Gale.
  2. Golden Island: It has 40 levels. Willow, Dahlia and Luca appear.
  3. The Beach: It has 20 levels. It is set on the beach of Golden Island.
  4. Silver Mountain: It has 22 levels. It is based on a mountain. Silver appears.
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