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This page contains information about a project removed, discontinued or that it's no longer available.

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook was a Facebook game based on Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Star Wars, which includes Weekly Tournament and Power-Ups.

It came to include only the Tatooine and Death Star levels, as well as its own Weekly Tournament.

The game closed on March 3, 2014, and is currently closed.


  • 1 Weekly Tournament
  • 2 Store
    • 2.1 Power-Ups
    • 2.2 Crystals
    • 2.3 Galactic Bundle
  • 3

Weekly Tournament

  • It costs crystals to play.From now on, every time you exit a level (or restart it), they charge you a crystal; however, they do not charge you a fee if you achieve the level. The crystals recharge over time (they give you one every 12 minutes)
    • 5 Niveles in each Weekly Tournament, which we already know would have to be unlocked first.
  • Cada Weekly TournamentUnlocks at 9 PM PST


All purchases are made through "Credits", which can be purchased under the tab that says "Buy Credits".

Power ups

  • Clone Bird.Add a bird identical to the current one to the level.
  • Thermal Detonator. Attach a bomb to the bird, which explodes where the bird first touches.
  • Blaster Droid.Add a gun to the bird, which is firing as it flies.
  • Lightsaber Sling.Add a new format of slingshot, which launches the bird much further.
  • Power-Up Bundle.Add a Thermal Detonator, a Droid Blaster, and a Lighsaber Sling.
  • Mighty Falcon. Add to the ship and it allows you to get the golden medals.


The crystals are included in the Weekly Tournament (only its rules apply at these levels). To recap: it costs 1 crystal to fail / reset a level. Ways to get crystals:

  • Wait 12 minutesand they will give you a crystal.
  • Ask him for oneto a friend, and if he accepts, you will receive it
  • Buy 10 crystalsfor 100 "Credits".
  • Buy 40 crystals + 10 freefor 400 "Credits".

Galactic Bundle

The Galactic Bundle is basically a subscription that includes: infinite crystals, all levels of the Weekly Tournament and unlimited Mighty Falcon. So far there is it for 1 and 6 months

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