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Angry Birds Slingshot Stories is a 3D animation series with ongoing broadcast, with 2 seasons and being based on the Angry Birds saga. The series was produced and distributed by CAKE Entertainment and Rovio Entertainment.

It is characterized by presenting a 3D animation model similar to that of Angry Birds Toons, which is regularly used in current promotions for games such as Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Friends.


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The series was announced on YouTube by Rovio Entertainment, [1] with a launch trailer, this being the platform where the episodes were released. [2] Finally, the series was launched with its first episode called "First Level Ever!", On January 18, 2020. [3]

On March 28, 2020, the tenth episode "Target Practice" was released, which later, on April 18 of the same year, it was mentioned that it was the final episode, in a video that compiled the 10 episodes of the first season. , which was titled "All episodes". [4]

The series shows a "behind the scenes" of what happens in the levels of the Angry Birds games, as the birds fight to rescue their eggs from the pigs. [1]

On June 5, 2021, after much speculation, the second season of the animated series Angry Birds Slingshot Stories was confirmed through the official Angry Birds channel on YouTube, with a promotional preview. [5] Subsequently, on June 19, 2021, the first episode of the second season was released, entitled "Color Crazy". [6]


Season 2017

A new animated series of Angry Birds! Ever wonder how structures are built in Angry Birds games?

Or where do the little pigs go when they blow them up? Introducing: Slingshot Stories - A new series that gives us a glimpse into everything that happens between levels and behind the scenes of the Angry Birds games!

Join the characters of the Angry Birds flock in a new animated series as they fight to rescue their eggs from the pigs, and see all the bloopers, flops, and general hilarity that doesn't make it into the game. [1] [2]

Season 2017

Take a look behind the Resortera at the world of Angry Birds games in the second season of Slingshot Stories! Watch Angry Birds levels come to life and discover all the ups and downs, exciting drama, funny jokes, and heartwarming companionship that games don't show. [5]


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  • Red
  • Chuck
  • Bomb


  • Pig with mustache
  • Common Pigs
  • Dr. Pork (only in Pig Popping Explained!)
  • Superpork (only in Pig Popping Explained!)
  • Sidekick (sólo en Pig Popping Explained!)

Season 2017

Conceptual art


New series! Angry Birds Slingshot Stories - Release Trailer

Trailer - Angry Birds Slingshot Stories Season 2!


  • In August 2020, Juha Halme, designer at Rovio Entertainment, revealed from ArtStation, key and concept art for the first season of the Angry Birds Slingshot Stories series. [7]
  • In the show's episode, "Pig Popping Explained!", Reference is made to the world featured during the first and second season of the Piggy Tales animated series.
  • During the series' initial announcement on YouTube, it was mistakenly titled "Angry Birds Slinghshot Stories."

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