Angry Birds: Planet Block

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Angry Birds: Planet Block is a board game in the series based on the Angry Birds Space video game, which was released by Mattel.


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  • 1 resortera
  • 2 birds (One of the Lightning Birds and The Incredible Terence)
  • 3 pigs (Cabo Pig and 2 Little Pigs)
  • 2 Helmets with Space Antennas
  • 6 wooden blocks (3 long blocks, 1 short block, 1 cube and 1 triangle)
  • 5 stone blocks (2 long blocks, 1 short block and 2 cubes)
  • 2 Planet Platforms
  • 40 Mission Cards
  • 1 instructional

Gameplay and Rules

Players set the difficulty levels of the mission card face up and also the point cards are placed in a separate pile (also face up). The first player to make a move draws any mission card from any pile, and his opponent, according to the image on each card, must make the necessary structure of the blocks and put pigs there, and some pigs may need to wear helmets.

After construction is complete, the player taking the map must move at least 30 inches from the building and begin shooting birds with a slingshot. There are two birds: the red and the ice. Objective: destroy all pigs with birds. Each level mission card indicates which birds can be used. Points are awarded for each pig destroyed. The number of points is indicated on the dotted maps. Only 6 card points: for difficulty levels 1, for difficulty levels 2, for difficulty levels 3, for difficulty levels 4, for the golden egg and for the star. After receiving points, the move passes to the next player.

If during the entire turn, the player does not destroy all the pigs, the building is removed and the turn goes to the next player. The winner is the one who first gets 900 points (by agreement of the players, the number of victory points can be changed).

In some missions there are bonus figures: the meteorite. If a player knocks them down with a bird, they are awarded additional points. If a player hits an asteroid, they also get an extra level, which must also be completed.


  • It is the second set that is based on Angry Birds Space, the first being Birds in Space.
  • It is the first set in which there are planet bases.
  • Whiskers appear on the cover of the box, but not on set.
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