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NYAN CAT starring Angry Birds ♫ 3D animated game mashup ☺ FunVideoTV - Style ;-))


This is an angry birds game with 4 game options and it is a mashup of angry birds and nyan cat also as in Flappy Angry Birds red it is not the main character in this game it is nyan cat

Angry Birds Nyan Cat (Original)

the song of the game with an animation of several of the characters


  • 1 Game options
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Cutscenes
  • 4 Curiosities

Game options

Birds vs tac nayn: tac nayn made nyan cat explode and the birds must destroy him

Paws and feathers: now this is like the original nyan cat game but the birds will be on the back of nyan cat and you must get to the pigs' structures for the birds to destroy them

Birds + nyan cat + pigs + tac nayn = crazy destructive batlle: this mode has nyan cat with a power and is like the angry birds game but with tac nayn in the structures of the final level and the king pig in the level before the last level

Tac nayn: now tac nayn is the one who has to be controlled, the pigs made their ashes transform into him and then he made nyan cat explode again but he also made the birds explode but (as in the game sometimes) the birds they have clones so he must destroy them


good guys: nyan cat - shoot rainbow rays and make pigs die

select the image for an animation of nyan cat

red: sing

blues: tripled

chuck: speed up

bomb: explode

matilda: throw an exploding egg

hal: has boomerang effect

terence: it is so strong that it destroys everything

bubbles: inflates

stella: makes bubbles

enemies: tac nayn: it has a protective field, it camouflages hidden cubes and when you click on it in the fourth option, it launches fire that makes the bird clones explode

select the image for an animation of tac nayn

pigs: there are 3 sizes small, medium and large

hoofed pigs: they wear hooves and are stronger

mustache pig: has a funny mustache

king pig: he appears on the level before the last level


option 1 1-1: once the birds were taking care of the eggs but a portal came out and sucked them then they saw nyan cat and tac nayn making it explode and then the birds get angry

Option 1 1-15: the birds see that Tac Nayn is still alive but they are tired

option 1 1-25: the birds finally managed to destroy tac nayn and nyan cat reappeared

option 2 2-1: nyan cat offers a trip to the birds to save him then they see the pigs pass by and get angry then they accept but making a few stops

option 2 2-15: they already killed several pigs but the pig king was missing and nyan cat saw tac nayn and he and the birds get angry

option 2 2-25: after king pig and tac nayn were destroyed nyan cat and the birds celebrated

option3 3-1: the birds see that the pigs continue to build structures so they look for the slingshot nyan cat offers to destroy them after destroying tac nayn 2 times

option 3 3-15: after many destroyed structures they continue without getting tired they see the king pig and tac nayn then they get angry and move on

option 3 3-25: 1st (in the level) after activating the power of nyan cat it is seen that tac nayn has a force field that makes the rays bounce and hit nyan cat and he hurts himself so much that he dies then red watches He looks down and sees Nyan Cat's body and gets so mad his eyelids turn into Heel Nayn with X eyes then he throws himself sharply off the slingshot and bounces off the force field then Hal lunges and then activates his boomerang effect and then goes off. He sees that he collides with something and a camouflaged cube is revealed and Tac Nayn laughs evilly because he used his power to camouflage cubes then all the birds are thrown the bad thing is that Tac Nayn did not know that his force field only supported one thing then the birds collide with him and then a big explosion is seen and then it is seen that the birds are next to a spot of ash from tac nayn 2nd (after the level) it is seen that nyan cat revived and then the birds became happy and gave him they teach tac nayn's ashes then se nyan cat selaugh and then appear nyan cat and the birds celebrating with a sign that says "The end" (the end) and two pigs laughing wickedly holding a piece of paper that says "Or no" (or not)

option 4 4-1: the pigs are in their space station lab and they put the tac nayn ashes in a container with their shape and then they used a reformer beam and they used it to make tac nayn make himself again but it was something unconscious but as soon as he saw the birds and nyan cat celebrating because (they thought) that tac nayn had died forever and he remembered everything that the birds and nyan cat did to him then he disguised his waffle body as a bird and was covered up with the birds And nyan cat and he made them explode then he laughed evilly but he did not notice that there were thousands of clones of birds behind him

option 4 4-15: after destroying many clones of birds, tac nayn cannot be reached

option 4 4-25: after destroying all the clones the pigs and tac nayn laugh evilly as they see a sign that says "Now yes is the end" and a network clone and one of chuck chuckling silently holding a piece of paper that says "oh no" (or no) and tac nayn make them explode


  • so se nyan cat is a girl
  • in this game the bad guys win
  • it is not possible to revive someone just by killing their enemy
  • it is not possible to make containers shaped like someone
  • somehow in any way even in tac nayn's the song is nyan cat's because tac nayn's song is nyan cat's in reverse

    STV's Nyan Cat Angry Birds original

    example of the second mode

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