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Angry Birds Nest is a website generated by RocketPound, where news related to the Angry Birds franchise is published.

Angry Birds Nest

This page has the characteristic of being the only one with permission from Rovio Entertainment to publish videos and tutorials to support the gaming community, as well as having the possibility to register your own scores in the game (as long as the Nest rules are respected about scores).


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About the page

Created in the summer of 2010 initially as a place to publish Tutorials, over time it was gaining popularity during the early days of the game, later the founder of the page contacted Rovio Entertainment to request authorization to turn his page into a community, the It was a surprise when they not only authorized it but also sponsored it and made it an official site

Currently the page has become an important site, with a great gallery of videos and Tutorials, and with more than 52,500 members (including Rovio developers), as well as the only one that keeps track of scores of community members

Scores and Leaderboards

The page allows members to record their scores obtained in Angry Birds games (Except Bad Piggies). and participate in the daily challenges within it.

To record your score, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • All games in the franchise have scores that end in zero, if you register a score that does not meet this characteristic, the page will automatically bounce your registration.
  • It is not allowed to register scores that are obtained through the use of Power-Ups, if you do, you will be applied sanctions that range from erasing all your scores to an indefinite ban (In case of obtaining a very high score you must show that you did not do it with Power -Ups uploading a video of how you did it)
  • (Applied only in Angry Birds Star Wars II) The page allows you to register scores obtained with the use of Telepods and extra characters, but you must upload a video of how you got it
  • To go back in time to a past score you must write ¨-1¨ (minus one) and to erase your score you must write ¨0¨ (zero)

It should be noted that during the launch of the Power-Ups there was a strong controversy regarding the level of difficulty and / or competitiveness of the game, which caused the current status of said previous points, however, the use of Telepods has not been considered the same This is because, when replacing Power-Ups with Telepods, the player still has to figure out how to use the transported bird for use in the level. Which does not affect the competitiveness or the difficulty of the game.

Ranks and "Badges"

The record of scores also allows within the community to obtain achievements, these achievements are the same that are available in iOS systems, which are used to count a specific score, the score number defines your rank within the Nest,

Here are the ranks and the necessary score to reach it:

  • Flinger: 0 
  • Deputized: 100
  • DaBomb: 250
  • Hardened: 500
  • Shooter: 750
  • Slinger: 1000
  • Debriefed: 1250
  • Well Traveled: 1500
  • Explosive: 2000
  • Out of this World: 2500
  • Champion: 3000
  • Fling King: 4000
  • Master Slinger: 5000
  • Gold flinger: 7500
  • Pig Leader: 10000
  • Boss Hogh: 12500
  • Avian Overlord: 15000
  • Sling God: 20000

In addition, the game allows you to obtain special "Badges" by being an active user and supporting the community in different ways or simply by standing out for your scores.

Events and Dynamics

Nest offers several Dynamics to keep its members active, among these is the ¨Dayli Changelle¨ (Daily Challenge) in which every day some level of the franchise is chosen at random which must be played to try to obtain the highest possible score (the maximum score should not necessarily be exceeded).

This event is adaptable according to the occasion, for example, during December the Dynamics is changed in the form of the Advent Calendar of the Angry Birds Seasons Chapter.

Another constant event is the ¨Angry Birds Friends Tournament¨, thanks to the score record it is possible to easily determine who is the one with the best score for the week. And to make it more exciting here if the use of Power-Ups is allowed.


  • Several Rovio employees are registered with Nest.
  • So far the page's biggest controversy is the banning of Power-Ups on its scores.
  • Most of the scores recorded exceed three stars.

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