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Angry Birds Lite Beta It is a trial version created by Rovio, it was released in September 2010 for mobile devices with Android operating system.

This includes several aspects that differentiate it from the later version, for example:

  • The logo on the home screen has blue feathers and the text "Lite" can be seen on the base, this makes it similar to the first versions of the game released for iOS.
  • The background is totally different, showing the sun in large and below some hills with towers and pigs, all in green.
  • To start, only the text "Play" is written in large, instead of the box that we all know.
  • It includes a button to report glitches, which redirects you to a page (Still functional) that asks you the model of the device and the problem found, also a button that sends you to the Play Store (Android Market at that time) to download the full game.
  • There are only 15 levels where you can use the first 4 unlockable birds in the final version.
  • When starting, the game shows you a message informing that it is only a beta and that it does not represent the final game.

    Message that appears at the start of the beta

You can download the App to test it by clicking here (It does not replace the original version of Angry Birds).


  • You cannot Play with Matilda, even though she appears in the cutscene at the end of the game.
  • The birds do not retrieve the eggs at the end of the game, leaving the search for the birds unfinished.
  • This is one of the lesser known versions of the game, in fact, few people know of the existence of the beta.
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