Angry Birds: Knock on Wood

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Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is the first board game based on the Angry Birds video game, which was released by Mattel. It is a game that allows players to create various structures that other players must try to take down. A newer version has been made where more solid blocks, molded pigs (instead of stickers), more game-like birds have been added, and bonus items have been removed.


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  • 1 resortera
  • 3 Birds (Red, Chuck and Bomb)
  • 3 Little Pigs
  • 14 wooden blocks (6 long blocks, 4 short blocks, 2 cubes and 2 triangles)
  • 56 mission cards
  • 1 instructional

Gameplay and Rules

Two to four players are required to play the game. The goal is to score a total of 1.000 points before another player. To achieve this goal, one player must select a mission card, then the second player must assemble the structure using the appropriate number of wooden blocks, pigs, and bonus items (yellow). Upon completion of the structure, the first player then proceeds to use the slingshot to shoot the birds into the structure. As in the game, the number of birds available is predetermined, as shown at the bottom of each card. If not all pigs are killed by the time the last bird is used, no points are accumulated. However, if the player is successful, points are earned with the value shown at the top of each card. More difficult structures will award more points, as easy will award fewer points.

Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game from Mattel


  • It is the first set in the Angry Birds series of board games created by Mattel.
  • In the old version of the set, for some strange reason the birds had visible wings, unlike the games where they don't. Also, Bomb has a tail, unlike games where it doesn't have a tail either.
  • In South Korea, this set is sold under the title "Angry Birds Catapult Deluxe Set", and shows many differences from the international Knock of Wood, as it comes with Matilda instead of Bomb, there are no mission cards and there are 6 pigs instead of just 3.
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