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El Trailer for Angry Birds Go! is a promotional video for the Angry Birds Go! game. It was released on December 10, 2013.


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Description of Toons.TV

Ready, Set, Go! Birds and pigs go to the soapbox in our new game which is now available on all major platforms. Jump behind the wheel and start racing, it's Angry Birds Go!


A kart race is about to begin, the public of little pigs animates the race, in which Stella, Terence, Whiskers and Chuck will compete, who polishes his kart, when King Pig arrives to show off his kart, so Chuck improves hers and shows it off with a grimace. The race start signal begins, so the competitors prepare to launch, concentrate ... and start. At the first corner Stella slams King Pig against the wall, stunning him a bit. The karts go up a ramp. King Pig, worried, talks on the phone from his kart to Whiskers, who laughs evilly. Whiskers pulls out a stick of lit dynamite, scaring Stella and Chuck, so the latter pushes him, causing Whiskers to run off the track and collide with a rock. The karts reach a tunnel, where King Pig manages to get ahead of Stella, causing her to get angry. The King activates the balloons of his kart to pass the other racers, so Chuck, furious, accelerates with a strong impulse (disarming his kart in the process), and managing to pass King Pig. With the goal in sight, Chuck maintains first place (despite the fact that when he disarmed, only the seat of his kart has remained) so he knows that he will win the race.


  • Stella
  • Chuck
  • Terence
  • King Pig
  • Whiskers
  • Little pigs


  • All the karts featured in the trailer are in the game as well.
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