Angry Birds: Furious Stories / Bad Piggies: Hungry Tales

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Martí Micolau

This is the complete reboot Angry Birds is an adventure of anger, and unlike the other series on the website, you will find this on YouTube (On the Elpingumanya Youtuber channel), the series is divided into three types of episodes: Past mode (Episodes that relate the history of the other angry birds games), Present mode (episodes with original stories although some may be based on the old series) and Trapped soul mode (episodes based on five nights at freddy's with the birds as killer robots and the pigs as humans)


  • 1 Episodes:
    • 1.1 Season 1:
    • 1.2 Season 2:
  • 2 Shorts:
  • 3 Characters:
    • 3.1 Protagonists:
    • 3.2 Secondary:
    • 3.3 Tertiary:


 Season 1:

-Boiled Eggs

-The Dark Cardinal

-First day at Reddy's

-The Big Trick

-Superbomb VS Superpork

-Something Spent, Something Egg

-Hazard from Above

-Without power

-The awakening of SpringHal

-The Great Facility

-Operation: LOVE

-Triple Nightmare

-Trick or treat

-Real search

-The Circus of Death

-Happy Holidays

-Striped Skills

-The rescue

-The Ham Brand

-Ninja School

-The start of an Adventure

-Kisses and Marranos

-Matilda in Love

-Dreams of a Raven in Love

-Come on Green, get lucky!

-The sparrow of cavities

-A new irritation appears

-Welcome to Rio

Season 2:

-Blue Detectives (part 1)

-An odd couple (Part 2)

-Orange of Jealousy (Part 3)

-Bubbles VS the Pig (final part)

-We are the Phantoms

-The smugglers' lair

-Talent to Plumage Flower

-N. Bommie and N. Chi-caw VS the door

-Jungle Escape

-Caught in video games

-Michael's Mission

-Beach volleyball

-Angry Birds Z

-Melted Gut

-Easter eggs

-A New Material

-Fazbird Hills

-Kid in the Market

-The Piggies

-The Delivery of Chi-caw and Chuxy

-Carnavalero Disorder

-Joker Massacre

-Caught in Vent

-Mining and Dining

-History of Incubator

-ErrRXQ in the Matrix

-Summer Puercnic

-30th Century Blues

-Redplush y PlusHal

-Persecussion at the Airport

-The Pigeons

-Underground inspection

-Moon Festival


-CUT: Good Good, see for him!

-CORTO: The videorreacción



  • Red (Red Bird)
  • Chuck (Yellow Bird)
  • Bomb (Black Bird)
  • Matilda (White Bird)
  • Hal (Boomerang Bird)
  • Los Blues (Blue Birds)
  • Bubbles (Orange Bird)
  • Terence (Big Brother Bird)
  • Tony (Blue Terence)
  • Stella (Pink Bird)
  • Silver (Gray Bird)
  • The eggs
  • Foam (White Bubbles)
  • Little pigs
  • Cape Pig
  • Pig Foreman
  • King Pig
  • Pig Chef
  • Ross (Freckled Pig)
  • Mechanic Pig


  • Ruby (Female Red Bird)
  • Willow (Frisbee Bird)
  • Poppy (Tornado Bird)
  • Gale (Bad Princess)
  • Dahlia (Brown Bird)
  • Luca (Blue Hatchling)
  • Pigglette (Little Pig Girl)
  • Female Pig
  • Pig Bowling
  • Los Oinks (The 3 Little Pigs)
  • Mighty eagle
  • Pig with Jetpack
  • Professor Pig
  • Chronicler Pig
  • Piggy McCool
  • Big Bork
  • Balloon Pig
  • Pig Guards
  • Polluelos (Green Hatchling, Purple Hatchling & White Hatchling)
  • Chip (Striped Bird/Striped Hatchling)


  • Blue
  • Perla
  • Frosh (Ice Bird)
  • soggy
  • Tenor Pig
  • Atom Bird
  • Space Eagle
  • Mighty Dragon
  • Rafael
  • Nico
  • Pedro
  • Pepillo
  • Luis
  • Cyrus
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