Angry Birds Epic Special Locations

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On the Angry Birds Epic map, there are special locations which are not levels, but which can be used by the player for other purposes.


  • 1 Toons.TV Cinema
  • 2 Professor Pig's Laboratory
  • 3 Workshop
  • 4 Class Coach
  • 5 Collection Points
  • 6 Porcine Doors
  • 7 Doors of Friendship
  • 8 Mighty Eagle Dojo

Toons.TV movie

"Enjoy fantastic movies at the most famous cinema in Isla Cerdi帽a!" (Game Description).

The Cinema is a large, bright, wooden building in the shape of a pig's head, with a sign that says "Toons.TV" and some consistent bleachers, located on the Cobalt Plateau, and unlocked by completing level 2. Upon completion by clicking on it, you could enter the Toons.TV page, where you could watch series. After the removal of the page, when going to the movies you can now watch a video to get rewards.

Professor Pig's Laboratory

"Sells alchemy recipes. Check back often to see what's new!"

Professor Pig's Laboratory is a special building, shaped like a pig, with pipes and antennas on its roof, located between the Enigmatic Bridge and the Golden Fields, and unlocked by completing the Cobalt Plateau. In it, you can buy potion recipes, as well as improvements to them. Upon entering this, under the buyable recipes, you will find the Magic Cauldron, which, by clicking on it, can be accessed, in the camp.


"Blueprints for the forge are sold here." (Game Description)."

The workshops are special buildings, consisting of a large gear, with a chimney that gives off steam, and an anvil next to it. They are found all over the island. In these, you can buy instructions for weapons and secondary items. Each workshop sells specific weapons and items. Upon entering this, under the buyable instructions, you will find the Magic Anvil, which, by clicking on it, can be accessed, in the camp]]. These are found after completing the following levels:

  • Cobalt Plateau - 8
  • Matilda's Garden
  • Laguna Calc谩rea - 5
  • Eastern Desert Island
  • Slingshot Forest - 1
  • Western Slingshot Forest
  • Great Cliffs - 3
  • Bamboo Forest - 1
  • Bamboo Forest - 7
  • Inverlandia - 1
  • Celestial Isles - 1
  • Badlands - 2
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 2
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 6
  • Castle: Castle of the Pig King
  • Red Giant Valley - 2

Class Coach

"Sell exclusive classes." (Game Description)."

Class Trainers are buildings that, like workshops, are scattered throughout the island. They are small huts, with thatched roof, with a target on the wall, and next to it, a mannequin of a pig with a stick and a shield, which is constantly moving. Here, you can buy classes for the birds (the cheapest ones cost Oincs, while the most expensive ones cost Lucky Coins), and like the workshops, each one only sells specific classes. These are found after completing the following levels:

  • Castle: Cobalt Porcine Castle
  • Laguna Calc谩rea - 3
  • Pirate Coast - 2
  • Northern Slingshot Forest - 1
  • Star Reef - 2
  • Oriental Bamboo Forest - 2
  • Inverlandia - 5
  • Castle: Pig Castle of the Mountains
  • North Sea - 1
  • Old Nesting Barrows - 5
  • Red Giant Valley - 3
  • Eastern Cobalt Plateau - 8

Pick up points

"A giant shell with marine resources and ingredients. Check back every now and then to see if they have been replenished!" (Game Description)."

"A huge stump with resources and wooden ingredients. Check back every now and then to see if they have been replenished!" (Game Description)."

"A solid rock with mountain resources and ingredients. Check back every now and then to see if they have replenished!" (Game Description)."

The collection points are large objects scattered throughout the map, of three types: shells, stumps and stones. By clicking on them, free marine, wood and mountain resources can be obtained, respectively, several times every 3 days. When they are full of resources, they emit shine, and when they are exhausted, they cease to shine, they split open (the shells), they crack (the stumps) and are filed (the stones).

Porcine Doors

"It only opens with the yellow key that Prince Porky protects!" (Game Description)."

"It only opens with the blue key that Wizpig protects!" (Game Description)."

"It only opens with the legendary red key! It is well protected in a mysterious cave!" (Game Description)."

Pig doors are doors that obstruct the player's access to certain areas of the map. There are 3 types: yellow doors, blue doors, and red doors. Each one is opened with the key of its corresponding color, which the player obtains as the game progresses.

Doors of Friendship

"Ask your friends to help you open it and explore new areas where you will get rewards" (Game description). "

Friendship Gates are similar to Swine Gates in that they obstruct areas all over the map. To open them, it is necessary to link the game with a Facebook account and make a request to 5 friends to open it, or open with 25 lucky coins. Sometimes you can also watch promotional videos to open the doors.

Mighty Eagle Dojo

"Sell exclusive class upgrades" (Game Description). "

The Mighty Eagle Dojo is a special place on the map, located in the Pumpkin Plain, in the Mighty Eagle Cave, where there is also a gong, a nest, and a red flag. as well as a straw path. Here, bird mastery can be improved, both for all classes of a bird (which costs Lucky Coins), and for a single particular class (which costs Oincs). This place is unlocked after completing the Old Nesting Barrows level - 4.

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