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Angry birds Epic Go! is a combination between the 2 most current Angry Birds games: Angry Birds Go! and Angry Birds Epic, Contains the Birds of Go! and his Epic abilities


  • 1 Birds
  • 2 Niveles
  • 3 Invented Pigs and Birds
    • 3.1 Pigs
    • 3.2 Birds
  • 4 Pigs
  • 5 Life of pigs
  • 6 Pigs (gallery)


Red: Red car and attack with a sword

Chuck: Yellow car and stuns everything with his wand

Matilda: White-pink car and heals 30% of her car

Hal: Green car and create a whirlpool

Blues: Blue car and sneak attack

Stella: Pink car and attacks with bubbles

Bomb: Black car and explodes

Bubbles: Orange car and inflates

Terence: Red-black car and create 3 rocks and throw them at the enemies

Silver: Auto blue-gray and create 3 loops


South Beach - 1

South Beach - 2

South Beach - 3

South Beach - 4

South Beach - 5

Swine Jail

Seedway - 1

Seedway - 2

Seedway - 3

Seedway - 4

Seedway - 5

Seedway - 6

Seedway - 7

Cobalt Plateau - 1

Cobalt Plateau - 2

Cobalt Plateau - 3

Cobalt Plateau - 4

Cobalt Plateau - 5

Cobalt Plateau - 6

Mazmorra I

Rocky Road - 1

Rocky Road - 2

Rocky Road - 3

Rocky Road - 4

Rocky Road - 5

Dungeon II

Invented Pigs and Birds

These are the abilities of Pig Clown (epic)

These are the abilities of Pig Clown (epic)

These are the abilities of Pig Clown (epic)

These are the abilities of Pig Clown (epic)


Clown Pig: It is an invented pig, it would be in Angry Birds Epic and the Clown Pigs were born. A Pig was bowling and he went with a skittle to the circus and he went with a circus ball and he went to King Pig and sent him to attack the Angry Birds. Deals Level 1-40 damage and stamina 167.


Military Chief Network: It is an invented bird, it would be in Angry Birds Epic and Military Chief Network was born. Red is an official bird that has a gray bird cap that comes with Major Chuck and ordered him to attack the Pigs. Deals Level 1-60 damage and stamina 300.


These are the abilities of Pig Clown (epic)

All the Pigs have green cars and they are the enemies but they have different attack

Pig with Stick: Attacks 1 life

Pig Thief with a Stick: Attacks 5 life

Bird Killer Pig: Attacks 8 health

Pirate Pig: Attacks 10 health

Pirate Pig with Fish: Attacks 10 life and poisons you

Clown Pig: Attacks 12 health

Pyromaniac Pig: Attacks 20 health

Beast Pig: Attacks 30 health

Foreman Pig: Attacks 30 health

Airplane Pig: Attacks 40 health

Magician Pig: Attacks 50 health and paralyzes you

Mustache Pig: Attacks 55 health

King Pig: Attacks 70 health

Golden Pig: Attacks 60 health

Pistol Pig: Attacks 50 health and kills you

Pigs life

Pork with Stick: 10

Pig Thief with Stick: 16

Bird Killer Pig: 20

Pirate Pig: 25

Pirate Pig with Fish: 24

Pyromaniac Pig: 30

Pig Beast: 37

Foreman Pig: 40

Guard Pig 40

Airplane Pig: 40

Wizard Pig: 50

Pig with Mustache: 61

King Pig: 80

Golden Pig: 100

Pig with Gun: 75

Pigs (gallery)

Pig with StickForeman PigPig Thief with StickMatapajaros PigPig with MustachePyromaniac PigKing PigPirate PigPrisoner PigCook PigGolden PigPiggy Mc'CoolPig with FrecklesPig with gun
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