Angry Birds Dragon Ball Z

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Angry Birds Dragon Ball Z is a game only for PC, Android, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Angry Birds Dragon Ball Z
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Final level Namekusei va a explotar
Previous Game Angry Birds Star Wars II
Next Game Angry Birds Dragon Ball Z II
Game difficulty Middle


  • 1 History
  • 2 Playable characters
    • 2.1 Saga Saiyan
      • 2.1.1 Birds
      • 2.1.2 Pigs
    • 2.2 Saga of Freezer
      • 2.2.1 Birds
      • 2.2.2 Pigs
  • 3 Missions
    • 3.1 Mission 1: Double Fight vs Saiyan
    • 3.2 Mission 2: Fat Pig, the elite warrior
    • 3.3 Mission 3: Red vs Mr. Pig
    • 3.4 Mission 4: Knowing Namekusei
    • 3.5 Mission 5: Ginyu Special Forces
    • 3.6 Mission 6: The Conqueror King Pig


After the events of Angry Birds Space, the birds went to the Star Wars universe and when they came out they were going to go to their universe but a disturbance made by the pigs made the birds go to the universe of Dragon Ball Z, now they will have to fight with pigs like Saiyans or Frieza.

Playable characters

Saga Saiyan


  • Red (When you press space, Red throws a KameHameHa).
  • Blues (Gohan) (When you press space, Blues split into three and hit hard)
  • Boomb (Piccolo) (When you press space, Boomb explodes and a Makansosapo comes out)
  • Hal (Krillin) (When you press space, Hal boomerang and throws a Kienzan)
  • Bubble (Chaoz) (When you press space, Bubble expands and explodes)
  • Terrence (Tenshinhan) (When you press space, Terrence does a Kikoho)
  • Chuck (Yamcha) (When you press space, Chuck goes fast and throws ki balls)
  • Mighty Eagle (Shen Long) (When you collect the dragon eggs, Shen Long destroys all the pigs)
  • Red very red (Goku Kaioken) (When you press space, Red (Red) throws a KameHameHa Kaioken)


  • Normal Pig (Raditz) (Pig fires a large ki beam that can kill three to a bird)
  • Pig Soldier (Saiyan Soldier) (Pig throws ki balls)
  • Recruit Pig (Saibanmans)
  • Fat Pig (Nappa) (Pig throws a giant ki ball that kills two of a bird)
  • Mr. Pig (Vegeta) (Mr. Pig throws a Galick Ho)
  • Sr. Cerdo Ozaru (Vegeta Ozaru) (Sr. Cerdo Ozaru launches Super Galick Ho)

Saga de Freeza


  • Red (Goku saga Namek) (When you press space, Red throws a small Genkidama)
  • Blues (Gohan Saga Namek) (When you press space, Blues split and launch a Masenko)
  • Boomb (Piccolo Namek saga) (When you press space, Boomb explodes and launches a Demon Wave)
  • Hal (Krillin saga Namek) (When you press space, Hal goes Boomerang and throws lots of ki waves)
  • Mighty Eagle (Porunga) (When you collect the dragon eggs, Porunga destroys all the pigs)
  • Chuck (Vegeta) (When you press space, Vegeta throws a Super Galick Ho)
  • Red Red (Goku Kaioken) (When you press space, Red (Red) rolls a KameHameHa Kaioken x20)
  • Red Dorado (Goku SSJ) (When you press space, Red Dorado throws a Furious KameHameHa)


  • Normal pig (Cui) (Pig fires a great ray of ki that can end one by one haystack
  • Pig Soldier (Soldier of Frieza and Ginyu Special Forces) (Pig throws very large ki balls)
  • Mr. Pig (Dodoria) (Mr. Pig throws a lot of ki balls)
  • Mr. Pig 2.0 (Zarbon) (Mr. Pig 2.0 throws a beam from his mouth)
  • Super Mr. Pig 2.0 (Super Zarbon) (Super Mr. Pig throws a large beam from his mouth)
  • Pig Prince (Ginyu) (Pig launches a body-changing attack)
  • King Pig (Freeza) (King Pig fires a Death Ray)
  • King Pig 2nd form (Frieza 2nd form) (King Pig fires a Bolt of deadly ki)
  • King Pig 3rd form (Freeza 3rd form) (King Pig launches a Death Ray combo)
  • King Pig 4th form (Frieza 4th form) (King Pig throws a Super Nova)
  • King Pig 100% power) (Freeza 100% power) (King Pig launches a Super Nova 100% power)


Mission 1: Double Fight vs Saiyan

  • Level 1-7: The Saiyan Pigs arrive on earth
  • Level 2-7: The dragon's eggs are kidnapped by the Saiyan
  • Level 3-7: Red uses the KameHameHa
  • Level 4-7: Boomb's Special Attack
  • Level 5-7: Saiyans increase their ki
  • Level 6-7: Mighty Eagle the Mighty
  • Level 7-7: The Makansosapo and the KameHameHa

Mission 2: Fat Pig, the elite warrior

  • Level 1-10: The Two Pigsaiyan elites
  • Level 2-10: The Recruit Pig
  • Level 3-10: Elite Fight, Flock Z vs Fat Pig
  • Level 4-10: Blue begins to fight
  • Level 5-10: Boomb's Combo Attack
  • Level 6-10: Now Fat Pig is angry
  • Level 7-10: Blue's Great Fury
  • Level 8-10: Hal and Blue, the last effort
  • Level 9-10: Saiyan Pigs win
  • Level 10-10: Red appears, his power is 8.000

Mission 3: Red vs Mr. Pig

  • Level 1-15: The Ultimate Fight
  • Level 2-15: Mr. Pig is winning
  • Level 3-15: The Famous Kaioken
  • Level 4-15: The Ultimate Kaioken x3
  • Level 5-15: Mr. Pig is increasing his ki a lot
  • Level 6-15: The Clash, the KameHameHa Kaioken x3 vs Galick Ho
  • Level 7-15: Mr. Pig has been damaged
  • Level 8-15: Red is using the limit
  • Level 9-15: Mr. Pig's Secret Transformation
  • Level 10-15: Red is very weak, the mighty Mr. Pig Ozaru
  • Level 11-15: The End of the Earth
  • Level 12-15: Last Chance, Blue and Hal
  • Nivel 13-15: The final technique
  • Level 14-15: Divided Fury
  • Level 15-15: The Cerdosaiyans Leave

Mission 4: Meeting Namekusei

  • Level 1-7: Arrival on Namek
  • Level 2-7: Defeat the Soldier Pigs
  • Level 3-7: Chuck the Aiyan Pig Returns
  • Level 4-7: Chuck vs Normal Pig
  • Level 5-7: The terrible Mr. Pig
  • Level 6-7: The new Mr. Pig appears
  • Level 7-7: Chuck's New Power

Mission 5: Ginyu Special Forces

  • Level 1-9: Blue and Hal against the terrible Soldier Pig
  • Level 2-9: Chuck Helps, End of the First Pig Soldier
  • Level 3-9: The Terrible Power of the Second Pig Soldier
  • Level 4-9: Shocking fight, Chuck uses his Super Galick Ho
  • Level 5-9: Red arrives, the second soldier is defeated
  • Level 6-9: The mighty Pig Prince
  • Level 7-9: The Kaioken Returns
  • Level 8-9: All Force Defeated
  • Level 9-9: The Last Fight of the Pig Prince

Mission 6: The Conqueror King Pig

  • Level 1-17: Chuck the Confident
  • Level 2-17: King Pig and his second form
  • Level 3-17: His power is greater than 1.000.000
  • Level 4-17: Boomb Fight
  • Level 5-17: The Namek with the highest power
  • Level 6-17: King Pig reaches his 3rd form
  • Level 7-17: Chuck at full power
  • Level 8-17: King Pig reaches his final form
  • Level 9-17: Red returns, the fight between Pigsaiyan and Pigs from the cold
  • Level 10-17: Enough is enough, the KameHameHa at full power
  • Level 11-17: The Mighty Genkidama
  • Level 12-17: Red turns into a Bird and Golden Laiyan Pigs
  • Level 13-17: The Lesser Power of the Pig King
  • Level 14-17: King Pig at 100% power
  • Level 15-17: Namek's Hardest Fight
  • Level 16-17: The Mighty Golden Bird
  • Level 17-17: Namekusei is going to explode
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