Angry birds: (Chuck y Stella) cuidame

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Lluís Enric Mayans

Warning: this is another story translated into Spanish but this time it's about Chuck and Stella's love, I hope you like it, well let's start.


Chuck sneezed. He took a tissue paper and wiped the mucus in his nostrils.

It was a lot of crumpled fabrics on the floor. He groaned, because he was irritated with his nostrils.


His eyes were red and watery, his voice was in a nasal melody and his feathers were wet and quite gross.

Chuck: “I… need… help…” Slowly, she picks up her phone, and…

It fell.

He groaned and picked it up.

Chuck: “Now who… smell… Who should I call?

Under the contacts to search for someone, probably their friends.

Chuck: “Red? No… He'll get really mad if I sneeze at his faith-feathers. I remember a boy .. Sheesh "

“Bomb, he will be a great guy! But… I'm afraid he-he will explode. "

"Matilda? She's cool too ... but ... nah "

“Terence? …… around"

He kept moving, neither of them adjusted.

Until ..

He stopped and stared at the name, Stella.

Chuck: "I should… call her-you… you can do… do this, Chu-Chuck!"

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------


Chuck: S-she is-here .. Sniff”

Stella: "hey, Chuck, so what's the help ..."

Stella, a pink bird that Chuck called a few moments ago, gasped.

The place was in a huge mess.

Chuck was on his bed, he smiled weakly at Stella.

Chuck: (sniffing) Oh hi, Stella.

Chuck slowly got out of bed and sneezed. The mucus was on his feathers.

Stella: “Wow, Chuck. How long are you like ... this?

Stella took one of the used tissues and tossed it aside in disgust.

Chuck: “I don't know. It may be yesterday ”.

Smiled. It seemed weak. Stella felt sorry for the poor canary.

Stella: Why don't you go to the doctor?

Chuck fell silent, and finally shook his head. He just nodded.

Stella: “Don't worry, Chuck. I'll take care of you! I'll stay here until you get better! ”

A wide smile on Chuck's face.

Chuck: Really? Sniff.. Oh boy! ”.

Both birds laughed.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------


Stella took care of Chuck ever since.

He picked up the wrinkled fabrics, although they were really gross.

She fed him the soup. I don't know what kind of soup.

He even gave her hot tea. That's great!

Now he's lying on the bed, watching Stella doing things.

Chuck was glad to have Stella around.

Therefore, he has feelings for her.

Chuck translation.

The pink bird was standing next to him.

Chuck: What ... what?

Stella: is there anything else you want?

He thought for a while.

"No. I'm feeling a little better than before, ”he smiled. Stella was relieved.

Stella: “¡hooray!”

Chuck: "there is one more thing",

Stella: What is it?

Chuck: “Thanks for everything. Sorry I have bothered you, "

Stella: Hey, it's not a problem! "

Chuck: "Stella, I ... have ... Feelings for you."

That escalated rapidly. Chuck literally spat those words out of his beak. Stella was surprised.

She secretly has feelings for him too.

Stella: (in her mind) "Is it a dream?"

Chuck: "the way you treat me, I can feel ... Feel ..."

Stella: "feeling?"

Chuck: "Love"

Since she's improved, he bravely dragged her into a kiss.

 Stella deepened, her eyes closed. Then I hug the canary.

They parted from the kiss and their eyes closed on each other.

Chuck: “I love you Stella. Thanks for everything".

Stella: "I love you too, Chuck .."



Thanks for reading, also I will continue with this taking advantage of the vacations that are missing and a few days to return to classes, but do not worry, I will write more stories when I have time, thank you.

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