Angry Birds Blood King Tournament: Somos los guerreros

Who I am
Lluís Enric Mayans

Angry Birds Blood King Tournament: Somos los guerreros is the official rap of the Angry Birds Blood King Tournament game saga.



The duel has begun, loved and hated

Enemies and allies, Loyal and betrayed

Select your character and go to victory

Defeat them all, do not let them escape



Red, the Angry Birds icon, has arrived,

Don't make me angry, I'm going to boil

With blows, kicks and heads I can bring you down

And the task that has been entrusted to me I will fulfill

I'm going to split your face, I'm stronger than Uchiha Madara

American flame, I charge a hundred, victory assured

I am a great warrior accompanied by my comrades

I launch Spheres of Power that kills like a hundred-thousand bullets


I am the green warrior, and I am not talking about the avenger. NO!

We talk about Hal, the one who causes you pain with his blows

You won't know when I beat you, but I'm not threatening at all

Only in hand-to-hand combat I am the best


Skip the blows with my stick, COME ON!

Jump Jump, or finish with a Zas all over your face

When they attack my friend, I'm the one who faces them



My style is not wrestling, but I am free fighting

You try to defeat me, so what are you waiting for?

You say that I am crazy? you are exaggerating a bit

The only thing that happens is that with me you come out shattered


Let's start put the track

Not only in Taekwondo, I also own rap

The time has come, there is nothing more to talk about

I can't stand you friend, I'm going to destroy you

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