Angry Birds Ben 10

Who I am
Pau Monfort

Angry Birds Ben 10
Final level 4 4
Previous Game Angry Birds Seasons
Next Game ??
Game difficulty Normal


  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Birds
    • 2.1 New
  • 3 piggies
    • 3.1 New


The red bird goes after the eggs that the pigs steal, he throws himself on the rubber band but goes very far from where he is aiming, then he sees a meteor fall, he sees it and then it hits his chest, he discovers that it can transform into alien beings to defeat the pigs, and goes after them.


  • Bird Red
  • Bird Yellow
  • Bird Blue
  • Big Brother


  • Bird Heatblast
  • Bird DiamondHead
  • Bird Fourarms
  • Bird XLR8
  • Bird Upgrade
  • Bird Omnitrix (Power to transform into anyone you want).
  • Bird Grey Matter.


  • King Pig
  • Pig with Mustache
  • Pig with saucepan on head
  • Pig


  • Vilgax Pig
  • Six Six Pig
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